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A good analogy for comparing the color intensity and penetration of dyes to stains is that you can fit a lot more marbles than bowling balls into the same size container. The small dye particles fill the pores of the concrete and are very hard to remove, making dyes nearly as permanent as stains Dyed Polished Concrete Vs Stained Concrete With Concrete Finishing being as up and coming as it is, we get a lot of questions about the different applications. And this doesn't only include the How To's and What Application Is Best For (which by the way, is a good question to ask if you're confused) Staining concrete has become a very popular means of transforming the traditional concrete slab into an artistic or architectural statement. Sometimes referred to as colored concrete, builders and home owners alike are attracted to the many unique looks that stained concrete can create, both indoors and outdoors Concrete stains etch the surface of the concrete instead of penetrating, and the result is a mottled, variegated finish. Their color is typically very different once it is in the concrete. For..

Concrete stains are a suspension of color pigments. This is similar to paints but the stain pigments must be smaller to penetrate into the concrete instead of staying on the surface, or they would wear or wash off. Concrete stains are typically water-based and have none or a low VOC content. Easy and safe application Color for concrete is not a dye, stain or paint. They are pigments, either mined from the ground, or most often manufactured in huge chemical plants around the world. They are available in powder, liquid and granular forms, with no one form better then the other Concrete stain is a penetrating coloring option that soaks into the surface. Some products, such as concrete acid stain, are more penetrating than others. This also means that stain produces a unique but harder to control effect as it reacts with the concrete, while paint gives the same results every time Aside from the above notes, the process is the same for colored concrete as any other stained concrete project. Prep the colored concrete, apply acid stain to it, and then neutralize the stain. We always recommend sealing the concrete to increase longevity and applying wax if it will be a higher traffic area Acid concrete stain color below were achieved with Surecrete's Sure-Stain, a semi transparent colored acid stain interior concrete and exterior.If you are looking to stain your cement with natural earth tones with a low residue, Sure-Stain could be the right choice for you. Stained color samples on this chart represent the color of finish as closely as possible

On stained concrete projects, there are some differences. With an acid stain, like H&C ® Infusion™ Reactive Acid Stain, the color is literally etched or 'burned' into the concrete, so etching is not needed in the surface preparation steps The biggest difference between concrete stain and paint is how they cover concrete. When you use indoor or outdoor concrete paint, it stays right on top of the concrete, where it provides a layer of protection. This opaque paint comes in various colors, allowing you to choose a color scheme for your concrete Dyes are a great way to color existing slabs of concrete and they offer a wide range of color options which will dry very quickly. The raw form of a dye is a super fine powder that depending on.

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On stained concrete projects, there are some differences. With an acid stain, the color is literally etched or 'burned' into the concrete, so etching is not needed in the surface preparation steps. With other stain product options, either mechanical grinding or an acid wash for surface preparation needs to be used Decorative concretecan include simple coloring techniques such as acid stains, acrylic stains, concrete dyes, and integral colors (also called integrated colors; mixed into the concrete before it is poured). It can also include special treatments including stamping, scoring, chiseling, and polishing that can change the texture of the surface Decorative concrete gives your driveway, walkway and patio the look of real stones, pavers, tiles or bricks without the expense and labor of laying these elements by hand. A timeless look, stamped. Concrete stain embeds the surface to color it translucently, while opaque concrete paint covers the top of the concrete but is subject to chipping and peeling when improperly applied. Concrete stains go on quicker, dry faster and take less work than concrete paint, but they offer no significant protection. A paint designed for masonry -- an. The color of stains and dyes is quite different, once it is applied on concrete. For example, a stain may appear dark green when you buy it from the shop. However, it might take a reddish-brown color, after reacting with the concrete. In short, you cannot know the final color, unless the chemical reaction has taken place

The cost to have a basic broom finish colored concrete driveway installed ranges from $7 - $12 dollars per square foot. Included in the cost is: Forming with 2 x 4's or 2 x 6's depending on depth of driveway. Wire mesh or rebar reinforcement. Integral concrete colorant. 4 to 6 thick concrete. Labor to form, pour, and broom finish the concrete It involves using water-based stains or acid-based stains to dye or color the flooring surface for a long time. As a result, the concrete slabs retain their look without giving in to heavy foot traffic, wearing, and dirt. Stained floors have translucent patterns that look simple but stunning, perfect for your luxury interiors If I have the same chemical resistance requirements and want colored concrete in a high traffic area, I would hone the concrete with diamonds, apply an acetone dye, and multiple so the sealer most people are putting over acid stained floors is about 1/5th the thickness of a sheet of typing paper. coats of a two component sealer Acid Staining. Acid stains are a mixture of water, hydrochloric or phosphorous acid, and metallic salts. The acid eats away at the surface of the concrete, opening its pores and making way for the metallic salts to come through and chemically react with the concrete to produce a variety of translucent earth-toned colors

Acid Staining Concrete. Staining concrete produces an effect that is unique and deeper than paint coating. Acid staining begins with cleaning, just like paint coatings, but the process is much more intensive. Staining requires more applications of layers, a much stronger concentration of chemicals, and a curing process. Pros of Staining For more information about acid stain and water-based stain, see our huge photo gallery below. The cost you can generally see will be from about $2.00 a square ft on solid color stains to about $6.00 a square foot for acid stain and we also have the freedom to put designs in acid stain, we can put color borders, we do some really fabulous. This acid-stained basement concrete floor was installed by Premier Veneers in Barrington, Illinois in 2015, using a gold tone base with brown accenting and highlighting. The floor won acclaim in the decorative concrete trade as reflective of the best acid stain has to offer. Fifth, metallic epoxy is much more susceptible to moisture problems Dyes, Stains and Pigments Defined In order to determine which colored concrete application is best for your project, you need to understand what they are and how they differ from each other

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Stained concrete is also very durable. However, stained concrete is also more susceptible to scratches, faded colors, and worn coatings in high-traffic areas. While stained concrete can have a long lifespan, more maintenance - which we'll discuss in more detail later in this article - is required to keep it looking and performing its best The Process of Staining Colored Concrete. Aside from the above notes, the process is the same for colored concrete as any other stained concrete project. Prep the colored concrete, apply acid stain to it, and then neutralize the stain. We always recommend sealing the concrete to increase longevity and applying wax if it will be a higher traffic.

Stamped Concrete versus Concrete Coatings. Pricing. Stamped concrete typically costs between $8 - $12 per square foot with high-end designs above $18+. Our concrete coatings cost between $4.50 - $9.00 per square foot (which includes labor, material, install). We pass our savings techniques onto our prospective clients A driveway acid-stained using two stain colors. Notice how splotchy spots show through, even after two stain coats. It really doesn't surprise me. The move to take decorative concrete outdoors is a natural progression of people spending more time, well, outdoors Integral color concrete will hold it's color longer than any of us will live, and does not need sealing, but is more expensive to install and only subtle colors are availible. Stained concrete outdoors does fade quickly and needs sealing

A colored concrete finish in light earth tones will run about $2.62 a square foot. Tack on about $0.40 per square foot for adding special color tones. Materials will cost about $3 per square foot, and a base labor projection is approximately $36 an hour to lay down the color. Concrete Network: Dyes Vs. Stains Color choice is often dictated by personal preference or by a desire to match or complement an existing color scheme, such as staining a concrete floor to mirror the same tones as a paint color on a wall, or the stone on a fireplace. Because stain color is permanent, many homeowners opt for neutral tones, such as golden-tans, browns, grays and. They told us, We stained the concrete of our entire downstairs living areas. Initially, we used a generic water based stain and were not satisfied with the results. We researched and found Direct Colors and ordered the EverStain Concrete Acid Stain in Malayan Buff, Cola, and Seagrass staining colors the concrete after pouring. Colored concrete can be used for various building projects: patios, stairs, pathways, driveways, kitchen floors, basements, garages, backyard features, and garden walls. Commercial buildings, in particular, see a great benefit aesthetically from colored concrete.. Concrete Staining. Concrete staining also presents a number of important benefits, including the fact that the acid can be added to existing concrete slabs. Adding acid stain, such as Sedona Acid Stain, to your existing concrete floors can help improve the look of your floor and if sealed correctly can make it more stain resistant as well as.

Behr solid color concrete stain is a durable, water repellent, solid color stain designed to help protect and enhance both exterior and interior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. This Siliconized Acrylic formula was created with high-performance, 100% acrylic resins, that form a strong long-lasting, opaque film on properly prepared. Testing Color. Choosing the right concrete stain to use has a lot to do with color. Always test a color before applying it to concrete. Stains are permanent. Don't rush and stain an entire floor only to realize later that you don't like the color. It's not like painting a wall where you can just go over it again if you don't like the color -Acid Stain vs. Water Based Stain- There are mainly two types of concrete stains, acid based and water based. Both have their qualities and drawbacks. This article should help you decide which is the best choice for your concrete. Acid stains are by far the best looking. The organic patterning that an acid stain can create is always unique and has a natural stone feel to it. Unfortunately if. A concrete stain mainly adds color to the floor while still making it more durable. Therefore, concrete staining should not be confused with painting. While painting results in a thin layer of about 0.005 inches on the concrete surface, stains soak deeper into the concrete for a more lasting effect

The solid acrylic particles are what remain on the concrete surface to form a film after the carrier has evaporated. This film repels moisture and some stains in much the same way as a raincoat protects its wearer. The film not only seals the concrete, but also greatly enhances its color and appearance Stained concrete refers specifically to the process of applying a colored acid- or water-based stain to alter the look of the floor. The stains can vary in appearance and durability, but the resulting floor must be regularly treated with waxes or other sealers to maintain the aesthetic appearance True concrete stain is to concrete like wood stain is to wood. Acid staining is a chemical reaction that permanently changes the color of the concrete surface. If you want to stain old concrete, using a true acid stain is always the best option Brick Driveway Pavers vs. Concrete. A new concrete driveway costs between $1,800 and $6,000. Expect to pay $4,000 to $10,000 for the price of a brick-paved driveway. Stone pavers can take that range up to $20,000 for a typical driveway of 400 to 700 square feet. Stones can hold four times more weight than concrete

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Concrete Staining. Staining creates a distinct effect, texture, and pattern on the floors that paint cannot provide. While staining tops the floors with a thinner layer of coating, it gives a rich tone. Staining techniques are known for producing brilliant colors on concrete floors. With these features, your patio will best benefit from staining Stain, as used in 'acid staining vs. water-based staining', is used to describe a transformation of a standard grey concrete (usually cement flooring) into decorative and attractive concrete by coating it with colored stains. There are two types of concrete staining, the acid staining and the water-based staining Concrete can be stained or dyed to match just about any color, and if desired, textural patterns can be applied to the concrete while it's setting. With these techniques, you can achieve different stone-like looks, or polish the concrete for a smooth look Allow acid stain to react with the concrete floor for at least 6-hours. Clean residue and pour water on floor to approximate the final color. If darker color is desired, apply a second coat. Clean residue from floor with degreaser and neutralizer solution using an acid brush. Repeat

Acid stains modify the color of concrete by reacting with the surface of the concrete, chemically bonding metallic particles to the lime component of the slab. Acid stains are penetrating, creating a colored surface that's completely resistant to ultra-violet light. Because of this, acid stains are often the best product to use on outdoor. Integral color in concrete is like cream added to coffee - no matter how much you add, it will never turn the coffee white, just a lighter shade of brown. The base color will have a dramatic impact on the final color outcome. Color hardener is more like adding whipped cream to the top of the coffee, which completely takes base color out of play Concrete floor finishing is evolving by the day and people are no longer content to have the pasty gray finish that was all there was in the past. There are now many methods to create exciting and beautiful results. When comparing the textured and stained concrete finishes, you find that the stained option seems to be considered more favorably as compared to the textured finish Concrete stain does more than simply add color. Rather than produce a solid, opaque effect like paint or colored coatings, stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with rich, deep, translucent tones

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  1. Polished Concrete, Acid Stained and Decorative Concrete, Concrete FX. Stamped concrete, commonly referred to as patterned concrete or imprinted concrete, is concrete that is. designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood. You will see how stamped concrete. can be used to beautify pool decks, driveways, entries.
  2. REQUIRED 3RD PARTY PRODUCT (S) The following product (s) is required to properly prep and pre-treat wood prior to any stain project. Only available in store at Home Depot. BEHR PREMIUM ALL-IN-ONE WOOD CCCC. The 9 in. x 1/4 in. Polyester Adhesive Roller Cover has a hard texture, making it ideal for applying all types of adhesives to smooth surfaces
  3. The average cost of stained concrete for a 1,000-square-foot area is $11,000. For a simple stain, you can pay $3,000 and for a complex design, you can spend $18,500 or more. The exact price depends on your location, the condition of the surface and the complexity of the design. Typically, staining concrete costs between $7 and $15 per square foot
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Stained Concrete Floors Stained Floors . Stained concrete floors are one of the most prevalent floor finishes in residential new construction and renovation. This is due to the wide variety of finishes that can be achieved with concrete pigments and stains Decorative stained concrete is the best way to get the look you want and can be finished in a variety of different ways to please many different tastes and styles. Stained floors can restore any home flooring, concrete patio, driveway, pool deck, or office flooring into a breathtaking art piece that will amaze friends, visitors, and clients Concrete Acid Stain Pack of 4 Bulk lot - Concrete Stain Colors - Desert Fire (red, Brown, Terra Cotta) 4-1 Gallon containers in a case. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. $203.95 $ 203. 95. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 28. Concrete Stain Professional Easy to Use Acid Stain Sample Kit - 12 Colors 16oz bottles

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Behr Decorative Concrete stain is a great product to make concrete look a little nicer. I used it on a pad I laid outside of my shed. With 2 coats it covered well and dries well. The temp has been cold so, I am not sure if it would look different putting it on in warmer weather. The directions read 50 degrees and up Stained Concrete: Stained concrete involves the application of an acid-based chemical which creates a colored effect on your floors. You can also create special effects and designs, and there are many color options from which to choose. Stained concrete is usually a good choice for restaurants, barber shops, and other such places Despite these drawbacks, water-based stains make great concrete colors for patios, sidewalks, stamped concrete, and all sorts of surfaces. Acid Stain - Stained Concrete Pros and Cons Concrete acid staining is the classic way to stain concrete. This method dates back over a century. Acid stains react with cement to change the color

We have a stained concrete basement floor, a stained and stamped concrete patio, and a stained and stamped concrete service walk (sidewalk to the front door from the driveway). If the colorant is mixed into the concrete prior to it being poured, you will have a more universal/solid color just as the one you liked (tan/beige/) The strained colored concrete can be obtained by applying stains to concrete of any age to obtain a more vibrant colored finish. The application of stain is typically followed up with the installation of a seal over the concrete to protect the surface. Read More on Pigment Color Pigment: Pigments for Concrete: Types, Purposes, and Influences. 9 While colored concrete can be a great option for your next project, there are a wide variety of factors that can cause issues of discoloration. The key to success when using colored concrete is consistency. Variations in cement color, sand, aggregates, weather, finishing techniques, water cement ratios, site conditions and curing techniques can all affect [ Unlike the acid stain, the acrylic doesn't allow for as much variation in tone and character. Both methods are finished with a sealant, which protects the color, but isn't nearly as protective as an epoxy floor coating. Because the acid stain is caused by a reaction, and due to the porous nature of concrete, any breaks in the sealant can. Concrete isn't very attractive or inspiring, but you can change that with a decorative concrete overlay. You have multiple options with overlays, including a variety of colors, stains, stencils, stamps, and even finishes. You can have different degrees of shine or friction, depending on your preference

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Although resealing atop hazy sealer might make colored concrete look better initially, the problem will soon return and worsen. This is because the solvent in the fresh sealer temporarily breaks down the existing sealer, lets the moisture out, and melts the old sealer back onto the surface Polished concrete is made by first grinding the surface of the concrete to remove any imperfections. After that step is complete, a concrete polishing machine uses diamond polishing pads to create a smooth and durable surface that matches your desired sheen, whether it's a low-luster matte, a glossy-mirror like finish, or anything in between Using concrete stains with overlays Length - 03:04 A cement-based overlay or microtoppping is ideal for masking minor imperfections in existing concrete floors that a decorative stain won't hide, such as discoloration or hairline cracks Integral color is a term used for concrete that has had color added at the manufacturer. Rather than staining the top of a concrete patio, your stamped beauty will have uniform color throughout the entire slab. The color will be true, even if the concrete is chipped. Integral color is also faster to install, as the coloring has already been added

2- Coverage on Concrete. Arguably the biggest difference between stain and paint is how they cover the concrete itself. The stain will soak into the concrete, penetrating the porous surface that creates a unique appearance. Paint, on the other hand, will stay on the surface of the concrete driveway itself, providing a strong layer of protection. Concrete dye vs. concrete stain 1. CONCRETE DYE VS. CONCRETE STAIN Adding color to lifeless concrete walls or floors is a must since it can be easily doneusing concrete dyes and concrete stains. The problem encountered here is choosing betweenconcrete dyes and concrete stains

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  1. Concrete stains are a quick, easy and cost effective way to transform a dull slab. While most decorative concrete contractors opt for water-based stains (and for good reason), acid stains still have their place in the market. Water-based stains offer numerous advantages from environmental, aesthetic and functional standpoint
  2. Concrete Coating vs Sealing. April 21, the solvent dissipates leaving behind an acrylic sheet or coating that is designed to protect the surface from wear staining as well as enhance the colors in the surface. Solvent based acrylics are available in varying concentrations eg: 30% solids, 15% solids or 10% solids..
  3. Concrete floors are scored after they have been stained. The concrete team uses a skill saw with a diamond blade. Typically, scoring is only 1/8 to 1/16-inch-deep and can follow a pattern lain out with a chalk line. The lines cut are used to add a design element to the field. If, for instance, you have stained your floor a single color, scoring.
  4. When choosing which stain to use, aside from color availability, you should also consider which concrete will you apply the stain to. Acid-based concrete stains can be temperamental in both the early and latter application process. Acid stain manufacturers advise users to wait for 28 days for the lime to develop so that it can react with the stain
  5. The following is a complete catalog of our concrete colors. Please Note: if you have not had experience specifying a selected color, we'd recommending ordering a sample chip through our online store. Looking for actual photos of our concrete colors? Check out our gallery of different Davis Colors concrete pigments and finishes.. Use the form below to filter by color or name
  6. Mixing the Two Together. In some cases, contractors will choose to use the combination of an acid stain with a water-based concrete stain. For example, a water-based stain could be used to provide a consistent uniform and predictable color, and the acid can be used to provide accents that make the surface look more like natural stone

May 1, 2018 - Explore Michelle Hincapie's board Stained Concrete Floors on Pinterest. See more ideas about stained concrete, concrete floors, concrete stained floors Decorative Concrete of Oklahoma is a company dedicated to architects, builders, contractors, homeowners, and others interested in top-quality stamped concrete, stained concrete, integrally colored concrete or concrete countertops.. We are a 3rd generation, family-owned, 5-star decorative concrete company servicing all cities in the state of Oklahoma

Upgrade your concrete floors with decorative concrete: stamped, concrete staining, epoxy coatings, etc. Call us at (972) 808-5281 today, and receive a free, no-obligation quote. Make your surfaces stand out with colored concrete. Dallas Decorative Concrete has a team of skilled and creative contractors that can turn any boring surface into. Stained Concrete Basement Floors. Concrete stain works by soaking into the surface of the floor and reacting with the lime in the concrete. Once the reaction takes place, the stain then becomes a permanent part of the floor and won't fade, chip or peel away. Because of this, stained concrete requires very little maintenance Stamped Concrete versus Graniflex. I write this blog to point out the advantages/disadvantages of having stamped concrete versus our graniflex coating. The decorative concrete industry is primarily known off of three types of designs: Stamped Concrete, Concrete Staining, and Epoxy Flooring The sealer we used just deepened the color in our stained concrete. In our garage, it didn't darken the floor at all. See the final reveal here! Be sure to check out how we stained our basement floor! Yield: 1 The Beginner's Guide to DIY Stained Concrete Floors. Prep Time: 1 hour An acid-based stain etches the surface of the concrete, allowing the color to penetrate so it won't fade or chip, according to The Concrete Network. These stains are limited to a color palette of earth tones, like browns, terracotta and pastel blue-green. Water-based acid stains will also permanently bond to concrete, but are available in a.

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Applications of Stamped Vs Aggregate Concrete. Stamped and aggregate are both versatile. You can place them almost anywhere. However, if you ask a professional, you will most likely hear about the limitations of stamped concrete. It is why Decorative Concrete WA recommends the use of aggregate. Stamped concrete is often used for interiors Stained concrete pool deck is one of the most recommended decorative concrete solutions for almost any concrete surface. It comes in two types: acid and water-based. Both come with a wide selection of colors. It can be customized with patterns and designs. Colors can be matched to create custom designs or mixed to create custom hues A durable solid color stain designed to help protect and enhance both exterior and interior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. This Siliconized 100% Acrylic formula is designed to provide a long-lasting durable finish 1. Outdoor Concrete Stain. Of all types of decorative concrete, outdoor staining is the most affordable one. It also needs the least manpower. What is outdoor concrete stain? Outdoor Concrete Stain is that type of staining which is used for giving colored, granite or marble aesthetic ordinary outdoor concretes like the parking lot

Concrete stain provides a contemporary finish of floors, countertops, and even walls. Stains are applicable for both interior and exterior construction, and can be used with freshly cured or existing surfaces. Butterfield Color® staining systems provide wide color variations, mottling, and unevenness of the color is normal and usually desired Epoxy Flooring vs. Staining. Staining can give your space a great look. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can customize your color to match your existing decor. Compared to epoxy floor coatings, staining your concrete is a bit more budget-friendly. It's important to keep in mind that price isn't the only thing you should consider

Valspar Solid Color Concrete Stain is fortified with new, heavy-duty resin technology to provide maximum protection to concrete and masonry surfaces. It forms a low gloss, durable finish that protects against hot tire pickup, flaking and peeling. Use on properly prepared exterior concrete surfaces such as pool decks, patios, sidewalks. When concrete is stained with Kemiko Stone Tone Stain, it creates the appearance of expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost. Unlike paint, Kemiko Stone Tone Stain reacts with the minerals present in the concrete giving it the look and feel of natural stone. Kemiko Examples Kitchen Bedroom Bath Office Floor Kemiko Colors Malay Tan Cola. Polished concrete is achieved by a mechanical process which involves grinding, honing, and polishing. Stained concrete is the application of a stain, either acid or water-based, which changes the color of the concrete. NATURAL VS. COLOR. Polished concrete exposes the natural beauty of the element in concrete. Stained concrete changes the color. Concrete staining is a popular refinishing method that is similar to wood staining. It comes in two types: acid and water-based. Acid stains create random shades and effects that make it look like marble, stone, or even leather. No two concrete slabs react the same way so every surface is unique. Water-based stains are more consistent List of the Pros of Acid Stained Concrete Floors. 1. There are a variety of products from which to choose. Acid stains have been available for concrete floors for more than five decades. It is one of the most popular methods of applying a topical color to this surface because you can apply it to any existing slab using everyday household tools

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Walttools | Water-Based Concrete Stain Tru Tint (Bluestone) 5 GALLON - Professional Grade, Eco-Friendly, Safe & Easy to Use (40 Colors Available) Also for Pavers, Natural Stone, Cement, Vertical. $175.00. $175 Metallic Epoxy and Overlays. Industrial Epoxy and Staining. Call Today For A Free Concrete Staining Quote. . (405) 467-1488. Acid Stains Vs. Water-Based Stains. There are two basic categories of stains for concrete: acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylics Stained concrete can even simulate polished marble, natural stone, or even stained wood. The vitality of colors can be modified by adjusting the stain solution. Concrete stain designs last for a very long time even in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. With durability as a factor, the design does require minimal maintenance, if any.