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  1. furryfrog02 Well-Known Member. I called PCGS and they said that they already have submissions for the new ATB quarter but that it doesn't qualify for the $2000 prize since it is before the release date. If I wanted to qualify for the prize, they would need to receive it on/after Monday, 04 November
  2. If I have a single coin or two, it is prohibitive to send them in myself. There's a certain economy from submitting with a dealer. I do it myself. I had some beginner's luck getting coins graded when I started in the hobby through the ANA, but I don't think they do PCGS
  3. Viewers suggested video. Thanks to Heidi S! How to join PCGS and submit them yourself!To check out our coin lists, preferred email support, links to the prod..
  4. How to Submit Coins To PCGS For Grading - Online Submission Form Step by StepI get asked a lot about how to submit coins to PCGS for grading. In this video,..

How to Submit Coins to NGC. It's easy to submit coins, tokens and medals to NGC for grading. Just follow the simple steps below. Click on a step to see detailed instructions. 1 Drop off or mail your coin submission to the PCGS Hong Kong Office. Coins can be submitted to the PCGS Hong Kong Office by mail or in person if you are a PCGS Authorized Dealer or Collectors Club member. If you would like to join the PCGS Collectors Club, simply select the option on the submission form Rare or Key Date Coins. All rare, low mintage or key date coins (typically mintages of under a million coins) should be evaluated individually for submission to a third-party grading service. Some extremely low mintage key date coins (under 100,000), can benefit from being certified by PCGS or NGC, even if they're in circulated condition Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) PCGS is currently the most popular service. It has a strong reputation and for this reason it's the service that we recommend. Membership is required before coins can be submitted for grading. There is also a minimum amount of coins you can submit at a time. The fee per coin is around $35, so keep this.

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  1. How To Submit to PCGS - Paris Submission Center Coins can be submitted to the PCGS Paris Submission Center by mail or in person if you are a PCGS Authorized Dealer or Collectors Club member. If you would like to join the PCGS Collectors Club, simply select the option on the submission form
  2. In order to send a coin to NGC or PCGS you first must pay to be a member of their submission club. Annual memberships start at $39 or $69 and go up from there based on what service level you require. In addition to the paid membership, you also pay a fee per coin. The more valuable the coin is, the more it costs to have it graded
  3. Interesting question. I don't know if PCGS would take an off center cent on a normal economy submission, and just grade it without noting it's off center
  4. Some particulars: You have to use the appropriate form for the type of submission, apart from World or U.S. Coins, according to service level and/or category, such as regrade, requesting re-evaluation of PCGS-holdered coins, or crossover, for coins graded by other companies. Each submission form requires an $8 handling fee
  5. Here is a counterfeit 1881 Trade Dollar in a fake PCGS holder. And here is the real coin. The crooks stole the serial number from this slab to make their counterfeit. Looking up the slab serial number on the PCGS site and matching just the number is not enough. Not all PCGS coins are photographed so that you can match them

Remove all plastic sleeves or any other packaging before placing a coin in a flip. Place only one coin in each flip and fold the other half of the flip. Label each flip with the submission number and the coin line number (e.g. 1234567-001). Do not cut, tape, staple or glue flips as they can damage the coins For world coin on-site grading, please contact PCGS Customer Service at 1-800-447-8847 PRIOR to submitting the coins to PCGS, no pre-approval is needed for office submissions of world coins. PCGS will transport orders to our headquarters, grade and ship the orders out once completed. Prices range from $16 to $300 per coin, based on the declared. PCGS has a online submission form. For coins 1965 to present, the least expensive service is Silver service at $16 per coin which is taking around 60 to 70 days. Regarding S&H which is on the submission form too, it will cost you at least $13.50 to have the coins shipped backed to you. The more valuable the coins, the more expensive S&H will be. HOW IT WORKS. SUBMIT Your NGC, ANACS or ICG coins for PCGS Crossover. Specify one of these options below in the minimum grade column on the submission form. CURRENT Requests that coin cross at grade listed on holder. ANY Requests that coin cross at any numerical grade (01-70) DETAILS Requests Genuine with Details

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@thefinn said: If you have a dealer that you know and trust, it would be good to have them send it in with a lot of coins they may be sending in. It will save on the shipping (which is expensive because it is Registered), and they may know the best submission fee for what you need/want •House your coins individually in 2 ½ x 2 ½ mylar flips (we do not accept acrylic snap cases or cardboard and stapled coin holders). Place the coin in the inside front pouch of the flip so the openings of the flip are not exposed. Note: PCGS highly recommends you use mylar flips when submitting any of your coins for grading PCGS Banknote Resources. Banknote Services Banknote authentication and grading services. What is banknote grading? Grading Standards PCGS Banknote uses a 70-point numerical scale. Written standards & designations. Submission Form Want to submit paper currency to PCGS Banknote? Download a form There is a perception that coins in PCGS holders sell better, for higher prices. I find it amazing that people pay $40 or more to submit one coin to NGC and PCGS, unless the goal is resale and the coin is clearly superior. I have a fair number of ANACS, ICG, PCGS and NGC slabs, but I only submit to ICG - as a collector, I appreciate that.

Coins 4.5 mm to 9 mm thick (and have a diameter of 45 mm or less) require a Double Thick Holder. Submit coins requiring Double Thick Holders on a separate submission form. Any coin over 45 mm in diameter or over 9 mm in thickness requires an NGC Oversize Holder. Oversize coins must be submitted on a separate submission form Learn how to use NGC's CrossOver service to submit PCGS-certified coins for NGC certification.Updated 9/3/2019. NGC provides a CrossOver service option for coins certified by PCGS. This service allows a submitter to send PCGS-certified coins to NGC for certification without removing them from their holders prior to submission

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If the information listed above appears to be incorrect, please contact PCGS Customer Service at 1-800-447-8848. PCGS Cert Verification App: Before you buy any PCGS graded coin, quickly verify its authenticity and quality by scanning or entering the coin's 7 or 8 digit certification number PCGS The Standard for the Rare Coin Industry. Services ; Price Guide; CoinFacts; NoteFacts; Pop Report; e.g. XXX.XX/ 12345678 Need Help PCGS The Standard for the Rare Coin Industry. Services ; Price Guide; CoinFacts; Pop Report; Set Registry; e.g. XXX.XX/ 12345678 Need Help

Submitting coins is easy. Print a submission form. Fill it out. Pack your coins. Submit them via mail, private courier, or drop them off at a show with an ANACS Rep. For more thorough instructions, please visit our Step by Step Instructions or Submission FAQs Coins that are mailed to PCGS must be bearing a postmark date that is identical to the release date. If you want to apply for a First Day of Issue designation, you need to indicate on the submission form, for example, by writing down Applying for First Day of Issue, 5 coins minimum per order PCGS Summary of Fees. To submit a coin for grading you must be a PCGS Collectors Club member, or an authorized dealer. The fee schedule is lengthy covering ultra-rare to world coins but the following are some of the basic US coin fees. $65 per single US coin worth less than $10,000. $35 per coin - worth less than $2,500

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Welcome to GreatCollections Coin Auctions! GreatCollections offers thousands of PCGS and NGC certified coins and PCGS and PMG certified currency each week in auction. Sell your coins and currency through GreatCollections. All coins and currency have been professionally listed and imaged by GreatCollections expert staff The cost of grading a modern coin begins at $16 at PCGS and $17 at NGC. PCGS Services And Fees. At the other end of the spectrum, are the costs associated with grading very rare and valuable coins. If you have a coin worth $10,000 $100,000, it will cost $125 plus other small fees for grading at NGC The rare coin world really changed in 1986 with the creation of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and in 1987 with Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). These two grading authentication services came to be accepted due to the fact that they were backed by a network of dealers who promised to buy coins by posting sight-unseen bids There are two ways for collectors to submit their coins to NGC and NCS in India: Submit through an Official Submission Center. You can submit coins through Marudhar Arts or Todywalla Auctions, Official Submission Centers to NGC and NCS in India. No membership is required. Marudhar Arts. 85, M.G. Road A: As of October 2020, all PCGS holders with NFC technology can be identified with the new NFC symbol featuring a shield with three bands above it on the reverse of the slab and/or in the bottom left corner in the holder itself located within the plastic. Note that some coins with special labels may only feature the symbol in the bottom left.

Much like PCGS rattlers, check these slabs for premium-quality coins to keep as they are or to re-submit in hopes of a higher grade. PCGS 2.1 and 2.2 PCGS gave a gift to its fans when it published. The coin will not be transferred to NGC and the NGC grading fees will be refunded less a $5 processing fee. However, if NCS believes that a PCGS-certified coin will not benefit from conservation but will likely receive the same grade (or a higher grade) with NGC, the coin will not be conserved and will be transferred to NGC for CrossOver. Only. Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is a division of Collectors Universe, Inc.. Customer Service. Cert Verification; How to Submit; Your Orders; About PCGS; Advertise With U

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My coin is 1817 half capped dollar and in auction history it was sold for over 250k and half million dollars. Since the auction house won't accept my coin until it is graded by PCGS ,NGC OR ANACS , I decided to submit the coin to PCGS website because I live in California ,so I choose PCGS in Newport Beach and they recieved my coin on May 15.2021 28 reviews of PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service The name seems to say it all, but there is so much more. In addition to being the most highly regarded coin grading company in the world, they also offer: PCGS Set RegistrySM - Register your sets and see how your collection compares to others, including the greatest collections of all-time You must be a PCGS Collectors Club member or a PCGS Authorized Dealer to submit directly to PCGS. For any other questions, please contact PCGS Customer Service Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT at +33(0)1 40 20 09 94 or via email at [email protected] Our team members can assist you in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, and. For more information about PCGS products and services, including how to submit your coins for authentication and grading, please visit www.PCGS.com or call PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848. If you have raw or uncertified coins for sale, our Grade & Auction Program offers grading by PCGS, NGC and ANACS at special discounted rates. GreatCollections will pay the grading fees up front, and these discounted fees will be deducted from your consignor check

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is an American coin grading, authentication, attribution, and encapsulation service founded in 1985. The intent of its seven founding dealers, including the firm's former president David Hall, was to standardize grading PCGS and NGC go along with the scam because they earn fees grading the coins. The principals at PCGS and NGC know what is going on with the grading and promotion of modern bullion coins. The industry would have still more respect for PCGS and NGC if they had continued to refuse to grade modern coins. Money has a way of clouding one's vision

Over 35 years, PCGS has examined and certified more than 47 million U.S. and world coins, medals, and tokens with a combined value of over $46 billion. For more information about PCGS products and services, including how to submit your coins for authentication and grading, please visit www.PCGS.com or call PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848 Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) is a Far Hills, New Jersey coin certification company started in 2007 by coin dealer John Albanese. The firm evaluates certain numismatically valuable U.S. coins already certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).. Coins that CAC deems high-end for their grades receive green stickers, which usually add. Aug 14, 2012 - Professional Coin Grading Service guarantees the authenticity of your coins while increasing the value and liquidity. www.pcgs.com . See more ideas about coin grading, pcgs, coins For more information about PCGS products and services, including how to submit coins for authentication and grading, please visit www.PCGS.com or call PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848.

About Professional Coin Grading Service. Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is a third-party coin and banknote grading company that was founded in 1986. Over 35 years, PCGS has examined and certified more than 45 million U.S. and world coins, medals, and tokens with a combined value of over $41.7 billion Over 35 years, PCGS has examined and certified more than 45 million U.S. and world coins, medals, and tokens with a combined value of over $41.7 billion. For more information about PCGS products and services, including how to submit your coins for authentication and grading, please visit www.PCGS.com or call PCGS Customer Service at (800) 447-8848

Plus, 1939 Proof Set, Morgan dollars.TOP 10 Most Valuable Coins in Circulation - Rare Pennies, Nickels, Dimes \u0026 Quarters Worth Money PCGS Using Online Submission Service How To Submit Coins Step By Step Guide What is Coin Grading You can submit your clips and thumbnails to us through WeTransfer, Dropbox etc. or you can email your video to Ceo@bddigitalgurus.com along with your NAME an.. Read Book Pcgs Coin Price Guide pricing input. Remember that the prices are just a guide, a PCGS Coin Price Guide: The Industry Standard for US Coin The PCGS coin Price Guide includes values for U.S. coins. Like any coin price guide, it reflects the possible value of a coin. In the end, a coin's value is what someone is willing to pay. This 1926 PCGS MS66+ CAC $20 Saint Gaudens is outstanding! It displays rich orange peel luster and has phenomenal eye appeal. It showcases rich, frosty luster with brilliant yellow- and orange-gold surfaces. It has fully struck details and is near flawless. It has been part of three significant collections

Submit a coin at a trade show. Package the coin as you would to mail it, but instead of shipping it, simply turn it in at a coin show to the service you wish to use. They will take it with them and then mail it back to you once it is graded. Be prepared to pay for return shipping and for the grading services when you hand it into them Here are a few points to consider before submitting coins to PCGS Restoration: Make sure the coin's value merits the Restoration fee- An inexpensive coin might transform a $20 coin into a $500 coin. Unless the fee-to-value ratio is not a concern, coins should be submitted to PCGS Restoration only if they are worth at least $100 Featured Coin Auctions. 1996 $1 Silver Eagle First Strike PCGS MS-69. Currently: $ 575.00. GC Item: 1021954. Ends: 4d, 3h. 1929 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle PCGS MS-64. Currently: $ 5255.55

A grading service or third-party grading service (TPGS) or certification service refers to an independent company that authenticates, grades, attributes, and encapsulates coins for a fee. Additionally, coins are guaranteed that they are authentic. If it is proven otherwise, the authentication company will reimburse you the money you paid for the coin PCGS and NGC coin grades can also be further qualified with additional scrutiny from the Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC). CAC reviews only NGC graded coins or PCGS graded coins and if they agree with the grade, they affix a small sticker to the slab to attest to their acceptance of the grade Browse our Online Inventory to see a wide selection of PCGS, NGC, and CAC coins that have exceptional characteristics. We look for rainbow color, Prooflike coins, and Cherrypicker's Guide die varieties like DDR FS-101, RPM FS-501, and Bugs Bunny FS-401. DM Rare Coins also offers a coin photography service for collectors, dealers, and museums

Make every penny count with Professional Coin Grading Service coupon codes. Submit your coins to a PCGS authorized dealer or join the Collectors Club: Silver club members receive a discount on coin-collecting supplies, access to members-only coin shows, online report access, and direct-submission services NGC/PCGS do all the donkey work of working out what the coin is, where its from, its grade etc Charge is a fixed rate of $25 for the knowledge, time, slabbing, labelling, pictures, database populations etc Standard generic label, holder, photo for everything NGC/PCGS send back to me slabbed coins at cost and charge my credit car The second reason to buy a PCGS slabbed coin is that any coin graded a specific grade will retain that grade. A MS-65 coin will always be a MS-65 coin, unless of course you submit it for re-grading. With PCGS coins though, you can be fairly certain in the consistency of graded coins Both PCGS and NGC grade and attribute these coins as individual varieties, and indeed NGC will encapsulate the three varieties together if you have the coins to submit. Perhaps the best comparison to these coins is the famed 1937-D Three-Legged Buffalo Nickel, a variety caused by overpolishing of a single die

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Morgan Dollar, 1881-S $1, PCGS MS69. Image courtesy PCGS. Morgan dollars are undoubtedly among the most popular coins with collectors. However, the Morgan dollar series can also be one of the most. PCGS utilizes a grading scale based on published standards and an extensive grading set of coins. Once the grading process is complete, the coin (with a certification tag indicating its individual identification number, denomination and grade), is sonically sealed inside a tamper-evident coin capsule

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The 1794 Liberty Cap cent is a classic collector coin, representing just the second year of large cent production in the United States and also bearing a revised version of the Flowing Hair motif that debuted in 1793. While the first-year large cents of 1793 are all considerably rare, the 1794 large cents are PCGS Collectors Club Members and PCGS Authorized Dealers can submit more coins to give BCRF a better chance to improve outcomes and save lives. The label's obverse shows the Breast Cancer. Such is the case with the 1855 Upright 55 Braided Hair large cent featured here. This 1855 Upright 55 Braided Hair large cent was graded by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) many years ago and still resides in its old green holder from yesteryear. Graded PCGS MS65RD, the coin has a population of 86 at that level, with only 35 higher 1858-c $5 pcgs au58 : $4,800.00: 6/19/08: 1858-c $5 pcgs au55: $3,800.00: 6/17/19: 1858-c $5 ngc/cac au55: $4,700.00: 1/21/19: 1858-c $5 pcgs au53: $3,700.00: 4/6/20: 1858-c $5 ngc au53: $3,000.00: 12/4/1

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The American Eagles coins are a collector favorite and have been for decades. Bullion Exchanges is honored to offer high-quality products by the US Mint. After purchasing your 2021 1 oz Silver American Eagle $1 Coin PCGS MS 70 FDOI, it will be packaged securely and sent to your address Buy PCGS Coins - Buy NGC Coins. If you are a rare coin collector or believe in investments in the form of Gold you may also be interested to Buy PCGS Coins. As one of the most Trusted Rare Coin Dealer, Park Avenue Numismatics can offer you some of the most unique and rare gold coins available in the market today. Each coin your purchase is. Description. Grade 86 popular coin series accurately with over 1,940 high-resolution images from the reference sets of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). PCGS Photograde enables anyone from the novice to the expert to accurately grade their rare coins. Simply compare your coin with the photographs and determine the grade of your coin PCGS uses the industrial standard for coin grading, the Sheldon Scale. The scale ranges from the numbers 1 (denoting the lowest quality/condition) to 70 (denoting a perfect coin specimen). For proof coins, PCGS uses the grade 'PR,' while BU coins are graded with the letters 'MS.' Hence, a perfect proof coin specimen will carry a PR-70. when 1/4 oz PCGS PF-69 American Gold Eagle Proof Coin - Random Year is back in stock. QTY. Check/Wire. 1+. $499.19. 2017-W 1/10 oz Proof Gold American Eagle PCGS First Strikes PR-70 DCAM. As low as $223.49. Notify Me. when 2017-W 1/10 oz Proof Gold American Eagle PCGS First Strikes PR-70 DCAM is back in stock PCGS #: 5731 Catalog: U.S. Coins Category: Quarters Series: Standing Liberty Quarters Type: Standing Liberty, covered breast (type 2) Years for Type: 1917-1930 Strike: Business Denomination: Quarter dolla