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However, Illinois has doubled fines on trucks exceeding the weight limit of 80,000 pounds. To increase profits, some shipping companies push the weight limits and pressure their truck operators to drive overloaded trucks. This can increase the risk that a tractor trailer will get into an accident Permit Type. To determine the type of permit that is needed, as well as the fees associated with the permit, please refer to the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/15 - 301) or contact the Illinois Oversize/Overweight Permit Office in person, by telephone, or by email per the information below.Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau of Operations, Permit Office, 2300 South Dirksen. In this post, we'll discuss Illinois truck weight laws and what they could mean for your truck accident case. Get help with your case today In an effort to support emergency relief efforts in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Illinois is allowing 88,000 pounds (or an additional 10% above legal loads on fewer axles) for trucks.. It is important that each truck is weighed before departing on its route to avoid these repercussions. The federal vehicle weight limits are 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, 20,000 pounds on a single axle, and 34,000 pounds on a tandem axle group. States, however, often have different limits

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  1. 1. Gross Weight: Maximum allowable total gross weight for trucks on U.S. Interstates is 80,000 lbs, including tractor weight, chassis and container weight, cargo weight, etc. Off-interstate limits are typically lower. Please refer to to the American Trucking Association's Summary of Size and Weight Limits. 2
  2. Illinois Oversize Loads & Weight Limits Waiver COVID19 April022020.pdf 2300 South Dirksen Parkway/ Springfield, Illinois/ 62764 Subject: Movement of Loads in Response to COVID-19 pandemic on Roads Under Jurisdiction of State of Illinois
  3. List of Commercial Truck Axle Weight Limits by State March 17, 2020 The reason that axle legal weights are significant for commercial trucks is that both state and federal authorities are concerned about the safety of truckers, other motorists, and the roads they drive on as well
  4. Haulers may carry up to 90,000 lbs. on 5 axles or an additional 12% above legal loads on fewer axles. There is no fee associated with this authorization. and obey all structure postings and size/weight restrictions. Movements are authorized 24 hours per day, 7 days per week except during inclement weather

Axle Weight - the amount of weight allowed on any one axle or specific group of axles. Example: a legally dispersed 5 axle rig would have a max axle weight of 12000 lbs on steer, 34000 lbs on the drive tandem axles, 17000 lbs on the 4 th axle, and 17000 lbs on the 5 th axle Size & Weight Limits Under Chapter 15 of the IVC, Illinois laws require that a 5 axle tractor-semitrailer must be 8'6 for Class I and II vehicles. The height requirement is 13'6. In previous years, a truck could not carry more than 73,280 pounds With the Illinois state limitation of 4 axles on a straight truck, a 4-axle Super Dump can weigh up to 66,000 lbs on a 255-inch wheelbase, which is the best you can achieve on a maneuverable, short, straight truck. Trailers can achieve higher gross weights, but at the cost of much slower turnaround times The following are the Federally mandated maximum weights for the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways and reasonable access thereto (23 CFR Part 658.17): 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. 20,000 pound single axle weight. 34,000 pound tandem axle weight. Axle spacing is another consideration that must be taken into account when.

4-or-more-axle vehicle (axle spacing 23 feet or more): up to and including 76,000 pounds gross; maximum of 44,000 pounds on one tandem and 44,000 pounds on the other. 3-or-more-axle vehicle (axle spacing 18 feet or more): maximum 68,000 pounds gross; 20,000 pounds on one axle and 48,000 pounds on the tandem Trucks(8,001lbs and over) Wildlife Prairie Park This information was printed from www.cyberdriveillinois.com, the official website of the Illinois Secretary of State's Office Section 15-111(d) of the Illinois Vehicle Code establishes permissible weight limits for tow trucks towing disabled vehicles. To be legal, both the tow truck and the vehicle being towed must separately satisfy the weight limits established by the Illinois Vehicle Code limit the weight of trucks on a small number of roads within the Village so as to protect the investment of tax dollars in the public roads; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Village of Antioch, Lake County, Illinois, as follows: SECTION ONE: Section 7-3-16 of the Antioch Municipal Code is hereby amended and i PrePass trucks that receive a green light in Illinois must still enter an open weigh station if they are pulling an oversize/overweight (even permitted) load. Illinois was a split speed limit state until 2009, with a 65 mph limit for cars and a 55 mph limit for trucks. But now cars and trucks have equal speed limits


After nearly three decades of operating under dual weight limit formulas, Illinois truckers are about to experience what truckers in the other 49 states have enjoyed for decades—a single standardized formula for establishing default truck weight limits on all roads statewide. On July 13, 2009, Governor Quinn signed House Bill 0255--part of. There are many exceptions and variations of weight and size laws between the two kinds of roads. In the mid-1980's, the Federal Government required all states to designate highways up to 80,000 lbs. gross weight. Until that time, all roads in Illinois had a maximum gross weight of 73,280 lbs Overweight tickets in Illinois can be issued to truck drivers for failing to properly flag a wide load, operating a truck that is overweight on axle or overweight on gross for the permit carried. An overweight citation can also be issued for operating a truck that exceeds the weight limit for a specific portion of the roadway Knowing the actual truck weight limits by state (see the chart further on in this article) can easily lead to six-figure savings for large-volume shippers of heavy freight. The actual limit on ocean container weight is the max gross cargo weight listed on the container door - usually 10,000 or more beyond 44,000 pounds

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Driver's License Classes In Illinois. Class A — Any combination of motor vehicles with a gross combined weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 pounds or more, providing that the vehicle being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds. Does not include motorcycles or motor-driven cycles. (A CDL is generally required. Overweight truck enforcement is another primary duty of the Elwood Police Department. The Illinois Vehicle Code governs the amount of weight large trucks can carry over various roadways. Violations of these laws can cause severe damage to our roads. One overweight truck can cause as much damage as hundreds of cars traveling the same route routes, you will need to get an Annual Excess Weight Permit. ILLINOIS Length: 53′ semi-trailer* on designated highways 65′ overall on non-designated *Kingpin to center of rear axle not over 45'6″, or needs to be permitted. Overhang 3′ front, 4′ rear; more rear overhang is allowed if within legal length limits Width: 8'6″ on designated highways 8′ on non-designate IDOT. Welcome to Illinois Department of Transportation Bridge Information website. Our goal is to offer bridge inspection and inventory information to the public. Informational notes: You can locate bridges by County, Interstates, U.S. Highways, IL Highways, address, and structure number. You can use the map to view structures in a particular area

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  1. 10.74.040 Weight restrictions established. The weight restriction established for the following streets within the city shall be as follows: West Pioneer from the city limit to 5th Street S.W. 30,000 GVW. 7th Avenue S.W. from the city limit to 5th Street S.W. 30,000 GVW. West Stewart from the city limit to 4th Street N.W. 30,000 GVW (Ord. 2627.
  2. Adding to the complexity are the limited exemptions afforded to farmers on some weight load laws. State laws cover truck license plates, while federal laws deal with hauling weights. Indiana, for example, issues plates for various weight limits up to a plated rate of 80,000 pounds
  3. All trucks on all roads are now subject to the federal bridge law formula, with the maximum gross weight being 80,000 pounds for combinations of vehicles that meet the length requirements. Maximum single axle weight is now 20,000 pounds and tandem axle weight is 34,000 pounds on all roads in Illinois, with some exceptions. 2
  4. A Class B CDL allows you to drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) with a loaded weight of 26,001lbs (11,793kg) or more, or any such vehicle towing a vehicle with a maximum weight of 10,000lbs Does towing a vehicle on a straight truck mean the box/trailer? We have straight trucks that are 33,000 pounds (12k front axle and 21k rear axle)

Illinois Toll Roads: Maximum width is 10′ except 12′ is allowed on sections that carry I-80 (near Indiana line) and US51 (near Wisconsin line). Gross weight 80,001 - 104,000 costs about $35.00; 104,001 - 120,000 is around $150.00. Maximum gross weight allowed is 120,000. Length exceeding 100′ needs prior approval and special permit The agency said that on all interstates and state highways, while commercial trucks may exceed legal gross weight up to 105,500 pounds, they must still comply with legal weight limits of 20,000 pounds for single axles and 34,000 lbs. for tandem axles The weight distinction between less than 10,001 pounds and more than 10,001 pounds is important. Any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight including the weight of the truck and trailer, the driver, the gasoline and the load that goes over 10,001 pounds falls under virtually all of the extensive regulations controlling the biggest tractor trailers

In effect, the formula reduces the legal weight limit for shorter trucks with fewer axles (see table below). For example, a 25-foot (7.6 m) three-axle dump truck would have a gross weight limit of 54,500 pounds (24,700 kg), instead of 80,000 pounds (36,000 kg), which is the standard weight limit for 63-foot (19.2 m) five-axle tractor-trailer Any vehicle that is one or more of the following needs to have a permit in the vehicle allowing the move: Over the Posted Weight Limit. Over 8'-6 in Width. Over 65'-0 in Length. Over 13'-6 in Height. Illinois Vehicle Code. Permit Fee Schedule & County Board Resolution ( Please note that additional processing fees may apply . s280 rock island-mississippi river-exp 12/31/2030 120k max weight bo s280 rock island-mississippi river-exp 11/1/2021 13-06 max width 2 adjacent state restrictions s076 wisconsin state line-wi 140-exp 12/31/2021 legal weight wi s150 chester-mississippi river-exp 12/31/2030 160k max weight m Once you leave the interstate, or go past what is considered reasonable access you can find yourself dealing with state limits. I make one run into Carol Stream Il where I am at 80k for the entire trip, and the last 1/4 mile to the customer is a road listed as a truck route, but the weight limit is the states limit of 72,380 If the information submitted is within the weight and size limits established by the State of Illinois, a permit will be issued by email. An invoice will be issued for permit fees. To use this site, you must register and obtain a User Name and Password by calling the Tollway truck permit desk at 630-241-6800. EXT. 4847

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  1. Various rear axle weight limit increases Vehicles with a mounted device that can compact refuse 169.86, subd. 5 (h) [1971] Tow trucks Exceeding length and weight limits Tow trucks hauling disabled or damaged vehicle 168B.15 [2008] Notes Table does not identify various requirements and conditions associated with the special permits
  2. Now you can check if your truck's weights comply with Heavy Truck Weight and Dimension Limits for Interprovincial Operations in Canada. The weight limits are resulting from the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Memorandum of Understanding on Interprovincial Weights and Dimensions (Amendment 10: January 2019)
  3. (UDOT) Municipal highways & bridges special weight limits. (VTrans) 511 travel information - Includes map and route report with restrictions, such as height limit, weight limit, trucker warnings. (Vermont Agency of Transportation) Online transportation map - Option to select weigh stations and rest areas
  4. President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which increased the maximum gross vehicle weight limit and axle weight limit by 400 pounds on vehicles that had qualified idle-reduction technology, such as APUs. Unfortunately, this law created more confusion than benefits for fleet drivers, especially at the onset
  5. ed by application of the formula in this subsection, shall be subject to the maximum axle loads specified in column 2 (Normal Loadings Whe
  6. Weight limits for vehicles; rules In 1975, Indiana adopted the Bridge Formula as state law as stipulated in IC 9-20-40-1. The formula is used to calculate the maximum legal gross weight and axle weights allowed for a vehicle or combination of vehicles. W = 500 {[(LN) ÷ (N-1)] + 12N + 36

Gross Vehicle Weight with regard to any commercial car, trailer, semitrailer, or bus that is taxed at the rates established under Ohio Revised Code §4503.042, means the unladen weight of the vehicle fully equipped plus the maximum weight of the load to be carried on the vehicle A grain truck arrives Monday at the Evergreen FS Elevator at Yuton. Gov. Bruce Rauner declared an agricultural emergency Sunday, allowing grain-hauling trucks to exceed weight limits by 10 percent. On August 28, 2015, Missouri's legal weight limits for transport of livestock, grain and grain co-products increase. Livestock haulers are allowed to load to a maximum gross weight of 85,500 lbs. within the state. Those transporting grain and grain co-products during harvest season in Missouri can load to a maximum of 10 percent heavier than the weights normally allowed

GFAI Letter: Illinois Raises Truck Weight Limits to 90,000 Pounds as Part of COVID-19 Response Date Posted: Apr 03, 2020. A letter from Jeffrey D. Adkisson, Executive Vice President, Grain and Feed Association of Illinois: Members: Yesterday (April 2) Governor Pritzker issued an update to the authorization allowing for an increase in weight on. In addition to the bridge formula weight limits, federal law states that gross weight vehicle is limit to 80,000 pounds. States have given exemptions to different types of vehicles to operate above the standard federal truck size and weight limits. This exemption often only applies to non-Interstate highways Outside the traffic unit, the Lockport Police Department also has several officers who are trained in truck weight enforcement. Those officers are specially trained to enforce the size, weight and load violations of vehicles of the second division. In addition, these officers also enforce violations of the designated truck routes within the. PHOENIX - The Arizona Department of Transportation has extended through the end of June the temporary higher weight limits for commercial trucks hauling critical supplies and goods during the current public health situation. In response to a national emergency declaration, and to align with the temporary increase in truck weights by.

If these weight requirements are satisfactory, the following combinations should be checked as follows: Axle 1 is 12,000 lbs. Axle 2,3,4 and 5 are 17,000 lbs. each and show a spacing violation. Check axles 1 through 3 using the illustration. W (actual weight) = 12,000 + 17,000 + 17,000 = 46,000 lbs Maximum weight limit for vehicles is 80,000 pounds or less, depending upon axle spacing. Bridges or viaducts may have lower weight limits posted. The legal weights are outlined below. See Section 4-15 (b) (6) thru (10) of the Traffic Rules for more details. All vehicles must obey posted capacity or height clearance of all structures Required Equipment: Safety chain, breakaway switch required if weight of trailer exceeds 40% of the tow-vehicle weight, fire extinguisher in RV, flares or reflective signs. Gross weight of trailer requiring brakes, 3000 pounds. Wipers/lights on when conditions require. Passengers may ride in fifth wheels, travel trailers or truck campers The GVWR of the truck is 14,000 lbs and GVWR of trailer is 14,000 lbs. A 3/4 ton (2500) truck would be inadequate for this trailer because the weight on the gooseneck hitch would exceed the payload of the truck and it would be at the limit of a 3500 (1-ton) single rear wheel truck as well. So, we need a dually. We are in Virginia. Do I need a CDL Key Responsibility. The TDOT Oversize & Overweight Permit Office is responsible for prescribing rules in the interest of public safety and preservation of highways, for the issuance and/or renewal of special permits for the transportation of such oversize, overweight, or over-length articles or commodities that cannot be reasonably dismantled or conveniently transported otherwise, and for the.

Any person, firm, or corporation convicted of violating this Section shall be fined $50 for any weight exceeding the posted limit up to the axle or gross weight limit allowed a vehicle as provided for in subsections (a) or (b) of Section 15-111 and $75 per every 500 pounds or fraction thereof for any weight exceeding that which is provided for. Gross weight limits shall not apply to the combination of the tow truck and vehicles being towed. The tow truck license plate must cover the operating empty weight of the tow truck only. The weight of each vehicle being towed shall be covered by a valid license plate issued to the owner or operator of the vehicle being towed and displayed on. Illinois, the maximum allowable height on any highway is 13.5 feet. Vehicle Weight Maximum weight is 80,000 lbs. on the Interstate system. States with higher weight limits established prior to 1991 may retain those limits for longer combination vehicles. Vehicle Weight on Bridges The federal government created a formula that sets the weight. Whenever the gross weight of a vehicle with a registered gross weight over 77,000 pounds or more exceeds the weight limits of paragraph (a) of Section 15-111 by 1,000 pounds or less or 2,000 pounds or less if weighed on wheel load weighers, the owner or operator of the vehicle must remove the excess No limit within Illinois. No limit No limit within Illinois. No limit CARGO TYPE LIMITATION None None None Use only for farmer's own farm-ing operation - inputs and pro-duction. WEIGHT RANGES 8,000# to 80,000# 26,000# to 80,000# 12,000# to 80,000# 16,000# to 80,000 NUMBER OF PLATES PER OWNER No limit No limit No limit Maximum of five trucks.

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(2) The County Engineer may, from time to time, publish a short consolidated listing showing the weight limits as codified from the various County Board resolutions. The County Engineer, in accordance with 625 ILCS 5/15-116, shall notify the Illinois Department of Transportation of said ten-ton designations of Wadsworth Road and Hunt Club Road Illinois - No Indiana- Yes All trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,000 lbs. or more must stop. Iowa - Yes All vehicles weighing over 10,000 lbs. must stop. Kansas - Yes All vehicles registered as trucks are required to stop at motor carrier safety and weight inspection stations when signs direct them to do so

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38,000 lbs without tri-axle 34,000 lbs without tri-axle 44,000 lbs with tri-axle 40,000 lbs with tri-axle 38,000 lbs without tri-axle 34,000 lbs without tri-axl Address: (ex. 2300 s Dirksen Pkwy Springfield IL) Bridge Number: (ex. 016-0005 Basically, the amount of weight a truck can handle will increase as the size of the truck does (with a few exceptions). For instance, U-Haul's 10′ truck can carry a total of 2,810 pounds, meanwhile a 26′ truck can carry up to 9,600 pounds. Here's a breakdown of the different size trucks that U-Haul offers, and how much weight each one.

The weight limits that I list below are the federal limits. Each state could have their own limits. Please be sure to each the DOT website for each state on your route to see if their state requirements vary from the federal requirements. Gross Weight - The gross weight of a truck is the total amount of weight that the truck weighs. This. Getting Around Illinois is a web-based interactive mapping site that provides the ability to search and display several sources of transportation data. You can find information on winter road conditions, annual average daily traffic, road construction, trucking routes, and planned road projects

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The tandem-axle weight limit is 16,000 pounds per axle for the first tandem and 13,000 pounds per axle for all other tandems. Axles spaced less than 3.5 feet apart are limited to 9,000 pounds per axle. Maximum load per inch width of tire is 700 pounds. Maximum gross weight is determined based on axle and axle group weight limits 34,000 pounds. 40,000 pounds. Quote From The CDL Manual: Weight. The maximum weight limits on both designated and non-designated streets and highways are: 20,000 pounds on a single axle. 34,000 pounds on a tandem, and. Up to 80,000 pounds of total weight on a 5-axle combination, depending upon axle spacing. Prev Maximum legal limits Standard Metric; Length: 65 feet. 19.8 meters. Width: 8 feet, 6 inches. 2.6 meters. Height: 13 feet, 6 inches. 4.1 meters. Weight: 80,000 pounds The Class A Driver's License in Illinois is for drivers who operate the heaviest loads, with vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds and towing weight of more than 10,000 pounds. A Class A driver will usually have a B, C and D license designation, permitting him to haul any weight or drive any vehicle

For example, Minnesota charges $100 for any truck that is 1,000 to 1,999 pounds overweight plus a $75 surcharge, while Louisiana charges 1 cent per pound in excess of the legal limit for the same weight range. If your truck was 1,000 pounds overweight, your ticket would cost $175 in Minnesota, but only $10 in Louisiana. Vehicle weigh stations. Illinois commercial vehicle weight & size limits. (5) Trailers longer than 48' must not exceed: 45'6 from kingpin to rear axle on Class I and II highways; 42'6 from kingpin to rear axle on Class I and other non-designated highways Trucks with gross weight over 10,000 pounds, truck tractors, or combination of vehicle and trailer or semitrailer. Fine of up to $250 §257.634(3); 257.907(3) Minnesota. Must drive in right lane when driving slower than normal speed of traffic, except to pass, turn left, or when a specific lane is designated. All vehicles. Fine of up to $30

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The medium-duty trucks category includes commercial truck classes 4, 5, and 6. Class 3: This class of truck has a GVWR of 10,001-14,000 pounds or 4,536-6,350 kilograms. Class 4: This class of truck has a GVWR of 14,001-16,000 pounds or 6,351-7,257 kilograms. Class 5: This class of truck has a GVWR of 16,001-19,500 pounds or 7,258. Illinois has special rules for operating a CMV near or over railroad tracks. CMVs must always stop or slow down prior to crossing tracks and must obey all railroad signals. A railroad track violation will result in a 60-day, 120-day, and one-year license disqualification for a first, second, and third violation in a three-year period u036 valley city-wb only-illinois river-exp 12/31/2021 legal weight 6 u036 valley city-wb only-illinois river-exp 12/31/2021 12-00 max width 6 u036 decatur-19th st to twin bridge rd-exp 10/1/2021 12-00 max width 7 u036 decatur-27th st to country club rd-lake decatur-eff 8/2-12/31/2021. Gross Weight - Maximum allowable weight for trucks on U.S. Interstate highways is 80,000lbs, including tractor weight, chassis and container weight,and cargo weight. Non-Interstate limits are typically lower and vary. Axle Weight - Allowable gross weight on a single or set of axles is regulated by individual states You can expect an average dump truck weight to be about 26,193 pounds (11,881 kg).. When looking at the specs for different dump trucks, the weight will be typically listed as GVWR.This stands for gross vehicle weight rating or the maximum weight of the vehicle including the vehicle's chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers, and cargo, excluding any trailers

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Illinois Trucking Association is a non-profit, full-service trade association led by trucking companies to promote and protect the interests of the trucking industry in Illinois. Our federation includes 37,000 trucking companies in all 50 states. ITA is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of its member companies by advocating sound public. First note that weight limits for any kind of truck vary within states, depending on the road you are on. In my home state of Minnesota, for example, the road at the end of our driveway has an axle weight limit of nine tons (18,000 lbs per axle), but in the spring thaw, it is reduced to seven tons (14,000 lbs per axle) The Class 8 truck gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is a vehicle with a GVWR exceeding 33 000 lb (14 969 kg). These include tractor trailer tractors, single-unit dump trucks of a GVWR over 33,000 lb, as well as non-commercial chassis fire trucks; such trucks typically have 3 or more axles. The typical 5-axle tractor-trailer combination, also called a semi or 18-wheeler, is a Class 8 vehicle

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The number of tie-downs depends on the size of the trailer. For example, trucks or trailers longer than 32 feet need two lateral tie-downs and there are load limit requirements. If you have questions about current regulations concerning farm vehicles on public and rural roads, contact Dirk Beckwith at 248.539.9918 or at dbeckwith@fosterswift.com NOTE 1: Above are cargo weight limits for truck moves ex-Montreal. Loads exceeding the above weights may incur extra costs that will need to be guaranteed prior to the delivery. The additional costs may include extra miles driven, partial de-vanning to reduce load to legal weight limits and/or fines Federal weight limits of vehicles and axle loading limits are governed by the Federal Bridge Law (FBL), which has four primary rules: . The maximum weight allowed on a single axle is 20,000 lbs; The maximum total weight allowed on any two consecutive axles spaced eight or fewer feet apart (like tandem axles) is 34,000 lbs; The maximum allowed Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), or the maximum allowed.

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Tommy Gate Brand Liftgates. Solutions for nearly any application. Tommy Gate offers a full line of liftgates for any personal, commercial, or industrial application. Depending on your particular cargo-handling needs and your vehicle, certain liftgates may be more suitable than others. Browse our different products to learn more Towing speed limit: 55 mph Did you know?: The maximum trailer length in Hawaii is 48 feet. Idaho. Towing speed limit: 65 mph Did you know?: Passengers are allowed to ride inside truck campers. Illinois. Towing speed limit: 55 mph Did you know?: Trailers are not allowed on boulevards in and around Chicago. Indiana. Towing speed limit: 65 mph Did. Gross Vehicle Weight: 14,500 lbs. max. Empty Weight: 8,115 lbs. Towing Capacity: Up to 10,000 lbs. Volume: 764 cu. ft. All rental truck and trailer measurements are approximate. The equipment you receive may vary in size, based on the engineering/design specifications of multiple-production models

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President Obama has asked that a pilot program allowing trucks up to 100,000 pounds to run on interstate highways in Maine and Vermont become a permanent exemption to the federal 80,000-pound limit CVO-104. To apply for overweight or over-dimensional permit when the route needs to be surveyed. Oversize/Overdimension - Single Trip Permit. CVO-127. To apply for a single trip permit to operate a motor vehicle in excess of statutory weight or dimension limits. Rules for Overweight Overdimension Permits. CVO-110 PERMIT LIMITS. Quad - 60,000 lbs on a standard permit, up to 100,000 lbs with a superload permit. Obtain Illinois Oversize/Overweight permits calling at (888) 799-8858. Superload note: Overweight applications get treated as superloads when: 6 or more axles, grossing over 120,000 pounds and/or over 48,000 pounds on an axle group Whose single axle weight exceeds 25,000 pounds. Whose load on one tandem axle exceeds 50,000 pounds and whose load on any secondary tandem axle exceeds 38,000 pounds; or. Whose total load exceeds 125 feet. Fees. Charges for the issuance of annual commercial wrecker emergency tow permits shall be $500.00 per permit Size Limits: Height, 14'; Width, 8'5; Motorhome Length, 45'; Trailer Length, 40'; Combined Length, 75'.Triple towing is permitted. Required Equipment: Safety chains, Breakaway switch on towed vehicles/trailers weighing over 3,000 pounds, flares or reflective signs, brakes required on towed vehicles/trailers weighing over 5,000 pounds. Passengers allowed to ride in pickup camper (truck camper. This map is designed for weight classification purposes only. Not all road segments may be labeled or shown due to map size and/or space constraints. A listing of highways by Truck Weight Classification can be obtained by fax to 502-564-3532, by telephone to 502-564-4556, or by mail to: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Maintenanc