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  1. Kathy Setzer Goodson: Reorganize your booth often. Keep it neat and clean. Don't block the entry with large pieces but rather lead the eye into the booth. Personally I don't waste time, money and energy on fancy sell tags
  2. Plan the style of your booth. Use your own distinct personality and taste. The name of my blog, decorating style and stage of life have everything to do with the style of my booth. CoziNest was born out of a need to refill my empty nest with new loves
  3. If you want to be successful, you need to be willing to put forth the effort. Try to always have something new for those repeat buyers and give them a reason to come back again and again. Find out the lease terms in the spaces available to you. For my booth, I am on a month to month basis, so I only need to give 30 days notice prior to vacating
  4. Aquire Staging pieces - Make sure you have pieces for your things to sit on Do you need to bring walls - I like to create walls in my booth (more below) Lighting form home such as lamps - If your booth is dark you may want to bring lighting with you Items to use as risers as needed - You may need to give some things a 'lift
  5. Create a Cohesive Look Remember, as you're curating for your booth, that you're not just an antiques dealer selling individual items, you're a designer who is selling a look. If your booth is all over the place, stylistically speaking, it'll be harder for customer to envision certain pieces in the context of their home
  6. I have found that my sales are more successful when I stick with what I love. I adore primitives and true antiques and vintage and that is what I sell in my antique booth. I have also found that I prefer smalls (a term used to describe items that are not large, like furniture.) When I fill my booth with those items (as opposed to mid-century.
  7. We talked with several antique malls before deciding on one and they all have different rules. Our particular antique booth over at the Highlands Antique Mall allows you to build your booth up in any way you like. Most of the booths come with at least one pegboard wall but depending on the previous owner you may have a bit more to work with

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Don't treat your booth like a storage unit, dropping things off once a month when the rent is due and not checking in again until the next month. The more time and effort you can commit when you start an antique booth (and for as long as you keep it), I guarantee you'll have more success. My booth in June 2018. My booth in March 2019 I have looked into a couple of vintage/antique markets and have found one that i feel a good vibe about. It's not too big, quaint, and seems to have a good flow of customers for it's size. I am looking into a cubical sized booth for about $200 per month (with 10% fee on items sold)

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Location, location, location! Finding the right vintage barn or market to have a booth is by far the most important aspect of having successful sales. Definitely, do your research before you commit to a location If you want a successful antique booth, then you need to work it. You need to visit it often and constantly be working on new pieces for your booth. I sometimes get busy with life and notice my sales are down. Sometimes it's just a slow month for everyone but usually it's because I haven't been there to keep it fresh Tips for Making Your Booth in an Antique Mall Fun and Profitable. I have had several booths at antique malls over a period of more than twenty-five years, and I have worked on the staff in an indoor flea market for the past twelve years, where I also have a booth of my own Offer variety of items If your booth comes across as a one-trick pony, you will get people who just take one look and walk right by. Additionally, if you only offer large items, like furniture, you miss out on people who love your style, but don't need furniture Antique malls have separate booths or areas, each rented to a different dealer. You'll find one central check-out for buyers to make purchases, negating the necessity of your being there. Visit the malls to see which one offers the best fit for you and your stock

7) Check into your antique booth regularly Check in regularly to clean, restyle, restock, reprice, and keep items moving. We suggest going to shop at least once per week, and checking in more often during peak seasons when shoppers are out looking for gifts. Well, I had fun sharing this side hustle with you Jun 4, 2021 - Here are some antique booth ideas for setting up your own booth space. Advice for designing an antique booth space to sell your painted furniture or other vintage goods, antique booth display ideas.how to create the most inviting antique booth display, pricing your antiques and more. See more ideas about antique booth ideas, antique booth displays, booth display

5 Tips for a Successful Antique Booth! - Cotton Stem. July 2019. Hey, guys!So for the last year or so, our family has worked together to run a little antique booth at a local vintage shop [HERE] called Sailor Antiques in Claremore, OK, and it has been quite the adventure! While I definitely don't claim to be an expert, there are a few tips and. Antique mall owner shares tips to be successful selling in an Antique Mall booth Great info! Thanks! I have had booths at three different shops over the past 2 1/2 years and have done well. I now have two booths in a larger shop and really like the store manager and the other vendors are great. I sell a little bit of everything. from vintage to home decor items. Evaluating what you have sold is helpful My Booth At The Antique Mall: A six-Month Update. Several of you have mentioned that you would like to hear an update about how my booth at the local antique mall is going. Since this was a new adventure for me, I wanted to wait until I had several months under my belt so I could give you an accurate picture of how it's doing The way you set up your flea market booth can make or break your flea market business. After all, if your booth has no eye appeal, how are you going to get people to stop in, let alone make a sale? 1. Determine Traffic Flow. It's easy to judge the quality of your display by just standing in the front or middle and viewing it from there

Not being willing to work hard. M ost people do not realize how much work it takes to have a successful booth. By successful, you should expect to produce 3 or 4 times your rent. For example: if you expect to make $400 per month you will need to stock 3 to 4 times that much inventory Focus lighting on key areas of the booth to accent items, or illuminate dark areas customers normally have trouble seeing. Also use lighting to create a mood or as an attention-getter, via flashing or colored lights. Incorporating antique lighting sources that are also for sale is ideal Antique Store Wisdom: Stage Your Booth Like a Pro and Increase Sales This weekend I smuggled my camera into Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie (sister companies). Both stores hire artists to stage a deliberate boutique experience, both stores project a thrift store/flea market chic aesthetic; and their sales are booming

Information for Brass Armadillo Dealer Reason # 2: You're Selling What You Like Instead of What the Shoppers Want. To have a successful market or booth business, you need to figure out what your customer base really wants. It's not enough to stock your space with wonderful inventory, it needs to be the right kind of inventory.. You may love mid-century modern style, but does the customer base that shops at your mall or market I also have an Etsy shop, Vintique Homes and I occasionally sell on eBay as well. I have a day job, so I resell as a weekend warrior. 2. Between reselling on Etsy and reselling in an antique mall booth, which do you like best? I enjoy reselling in the antique mall booth over Etsy. It's easier Check Your Booth Regularly. My mom and I like to call this fluffing. We try to check in often to see what sold, and what needs to be moved around and restyled. The cleaner the booth and the more well kept, the higher your sales will be. I hope these tips on starting an antique booth on a small budget have helped you guys Successful Antique Show Booth Design. In June, 2009, I presented a seminar to vendors selling their wares. at an antique show in the Pacific Northwest. After providing LOADS of information in a fast-paced 45-minute presentation, I provided the vendors with handouts filled with everything I spoke about [and more] so that they could refer to it.

After 25 years of doing antique shows, I have found the easiest way to plan a booth space is to first pick a theme. This even holds true if you rent a space in a local antique mall. For this show, our theme~ Farmhouse Sleeping Porch~was selected because of the type of inventory we were bringing. Our list includes~An iron bed with faded red. However, done correctly you can be a successful antiques dealer. If I was wanting to become a new antique dealer, I would start by getting a booth in an antiques mall. But please, do your homework first. Normally most people wanting to become an antique dealer have some antiques of their own and decide they want to start selling antiques Make Sure You Have Enough Help; Part of a successful flea market booth means having enough people there to help your customers complete their purchases. If you are at a flea market that has fairly high traffic, you may have to hire a few people to check out customers, pack items and answer customers' questions

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Opening a booth at an antique mall can be fun, rewarding, and profitable. While I was scouting out a location, several dealers told me none of us are in this to get rich.. This may be true, but if you plan ahead, refresh your stock frequently, and follow a few other simple guidelines, you could turn your favorite hobby into a nice little. Finding stuff is in Fortenberry's forte, and it's in her blood. Her mother is an antiques dealer, and all of her brothers and sisters have had turns in the business—from selling their finds on eBay and Etsy or in booths at antique malls or festivals and crafts fairs. Fortenberry grew up going to garage sales with her parents

3. Calculate Cost x 2 + booth fees. One classic retail pricing formula is to take the price paid and double it. Because you may be sourcing your inventory from free sources or counting on reselling thrift store treasures, this usually isn't the most reliable method for pricing items in a flea market, although is still a helpful standard to have in mind But have it in mind that there are still opportunities to make money by opening a flea market in an under-served area. You also need to have it in mind that what works in one area will not work in another, so it is important to research before opening. Flea markets charge vendors between $3 and $10 dollars per square foot per day

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Furthermore, as you're renting the booth they are normally staffed by the owners. This means you don't have to stay at your booth all day. Top Tip: Flea markets are a great side business and will not make you rich quickly. How to make money selling at a flea market booth . There are many ways in which you can make your flea market booth. I have been known to stuff my kitsch n collectibles into shelves, showcases, open shelves, small booths, large booths as well as odd shaped nooks and crannies. I love challenging spaces. Everything And The Kitsch n Sink I even offered to clean the bathroom of one Antique group shop in exchange for allowing me to hang my kitschy decor on the walls Make Sure You Have Enough Help. Part of a successful flea market booth means having enough people there to help your customers complete their purchases. Especially if you're at a flea market that has fairly high traffic, you may have to hire a few people to check out customers, pack items and answer customers' questions One of the most important aspects of your flea market booth is not just product alone, but your display yep, display. No, it's not just superficial busy work. The way you set your items up, the way you arrange product, and the aesthetic appeal and allure of your booth will actually draw customers in. Not to mention a friendly face that. If you will rent a booth or space in the mall, remember that most malls charge a percentage for each sale. A half booth is a good way to begin your business or share a space with a friend. Do some investigating and ask the antique dealers if they are satisfied with their sales

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Grow Your Vintage or Handmade Business. Welcome! If you're thinking about starting a business for selling vintage or handmade goods, you're in the right place. I've been painting furniture, upcycling decor, and sewing for 7+ years now and selling my goods in antique malls, at vintage and artisan markets, and craft fairs The happiness had some tears in the booth of longtime Texas dealers Sally and Terry Holmes; it was their Marburger retirement show after 43 shows. You think back how young you were when you started, mused Sally, who had a record show. We sold antique turquoise jewelry, 48 vintage western hats and they wiped us out of serapes. We have some new staff members. They're and some old staff members that are going to be doing some new jobs where we're going to be helping you get your booth off the ground and get it going as well as helping you with maybe some marketing ideas or booth staging ideas and um some of those kind of things are going to be going on here in the store

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As a booth renter, you're running a small, independent business that's separate from the salon business. And, as a business owner there is even more to be responsible for, including: maintaining your own set of books and paying your own taxes. carrying your own health, liability and disability insurances. providing your own marketing, tools. Description. An online auction selling contents of a home which includes: vintage telephone booth, antique china cabinet, Victorian sofa and chairs, marble top tables, player piano, marquetry game table, vintage cocktail cabinet, Roseville pottery, Fenton glassware, lady head vases, rolling pin collections, cranberry glassware and much more. Map

Sports Memorabilia Blowout, this Saturday July 18, at the Airdrie Antique mall. We have a table located in the flea market area that will be set up inside. All Mcfarlane figurines, boxed and loose, will be 50% off. All Mantiques in booth 32, showcase 14 and 15 will be 20% off Friday to Sunday July 17-19 Hope to see you this weekend (Antique, Western Visayas Philippines) is my next Jewel Island Paradise because of Mararison or Malalison located at Culasi, Antique in Western Visayas read until the end of this Mararison Travel Guide 2018 to know why. HOW TO GET TO MARARISON ISL.. My booth is in 112 Antique Mall in Crossplains, TN. That's about 30 minutes north of Nashville. I've had a booth for about 2 years and love every minute of it! I even shared a few tips to starting your own antique booth. It's another place for me to express myself and my style Successful antiques dealers typically have an extensive library of price guides and reference books, and many attend local or regional antiques events for the purpose of acquiring knowledge as well as comparing the prices and selection of their antiques with their competitors. Renting a booth also enables you to target different areas and. 3. Advertise your business. I can not stress enough how important it is to have business cards in multiple places. Have a stack at the front of the table and throw one in the bag when you package a purchased item. If they do not make a purchase, you can also give them a business card from your handy dandy stack

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Determine the difference in value between a massed-produced and easy-to-find item with owning a one-of-a-kind or hard to find item. In order to price your item for resale you must first determine the 'true' cost of the item. The item cost is not only the amount you paid for the item, it also includes other monetary factors as well We opened up a booth at an antique store. The booth has been very successful and has allowed us to have another market to sell our items. Garage Sale/Estate Sale. For large quantities of household items we will host your garage/estate sale. We will be able to sort through your possessions and identify those that should be sold in other ways Vintage Touch Antique Booth. We've probably all heard the phrase, he or she is dressed for success. When we hear this, not many of us envision someone in torn pants and a paint shirt. Instead, we see someone dressed nicely to make a positive impression on the public. May I suggest that the same thing holds true of the antique business 6-Set up a dedicated inventory space and create a storage system. This is one the most important parts of having a reselling business. You have to be organization. It doesn't matter if you have 5 items in your inventory or 5,000. If you can't put your hands on it in about 60 seconds, you are not organized enough

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Booth Leasing - Three (3) month minimum initially, then month to month thereafter. Rent - Booths are priced per sq. ft., beginning the first day of each month, payable in monthly installments, payable in advance, and due on the first day of each month. Security Deposit - $50 is due upon signing Contact the markets you're interested in to compare booth rental fees. Depending on your location and the items you're selling, flea market vendors can likely make all their expenses back in sales and potentially turn a nice profit. Many flea market vendors make between $200 and $500 a day Now that's a successful booth! We all need to learn from their example. LazyGlamour said 10 years ago I have yet to try a craft show, but really want to. Are the booths expensive? How can I find out about upcoming events? BlueVelvetHeart said 10 years ago Very timely article!. Great American Antique Mall Dealer / Vendor Agreement Monthly Booth Pricing for a 10x10 is $350.00 inclusive of taxes and fees $3.50 per square foot for larger and smaller booths inclusive of taxes and fees Monthly Showcase Pricing Lighted & Locked 6 X 4 (5 shelves) $135 inclusive of all taxes and fees

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  1. Advice for renting an antique booth space to sell your vintage goods by Girl in the Garage. How to rent an antique booth - How to sell vintage goods - How to be a vintage vendor. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with.
  2. Every May, the Heritage Square Antique Mall puts on its annual anniversary party. Free admission, with free drinks and snacks. AND, Vintage Plus will be there (Booth C-62, up the main/center aisle, on the left).Cynthia and I (Steve) will have this-day-only sales tags to negotiate with customers and friends
  3. 3. Charitable event - Events that have a cause tied to them are brilliant at attracting customers because there's a feel good, do good element. Shopping or spending for a cause is something people take pride in and it's what helps make these type of events successful
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  5. I have been wanting to put an antique booth for a number of years but never really had an idea what I'm doing. This book not only tell you how to do it, but gives a lot of great insight into things to avoid and ways to make sure you're successful
  6. utes from an I-78 interchange with easy access from New York City, metropolitan New Jersey, Pennsylvania's Bucks County and Lehigh Valley, and the Philadelphia area
  7. 1. Garland can do wonders for you booth - and you don't even need lights! This is a great option to give your booth a Christmas feel even if you aren't selling Christmas items. I recommend using a garland to help people think about Christmas when entering your booth - especially if you have items that make great gifts. 2. Bring out the.
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Williamsburg Antique Mall, Dealer Opportunities. Conveniently located off 199 on Lightfoot Road, the Williamsburg Antique Mall has become a destination for those wishing to purchase antiques and collectibles. Now Shop Online! With over 300 dealers occupying 45,000 square feet, the Mall is larger than most similar facilities and has more dealers Every booth has direct aisle way access for the most exposure to each and every shopper. The entire indoor facility is monitored with security cameras to facilitate the most secure selling environment possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be available every step of the way to make sure your relationship with us is successful. No. 13 Tips I have learned for running a successful booth in a vintage fair with pictorial examples and anecdotes to illustrate points. Antique Booth Displays Vintage Display Antique Mall Booth Vintage Store Displays Shop Displays Merchandising Displays Flea Market Displays Retail Displays Window Displays Then promote the can't-miss opportunity on social media, at your booth and in the 2019 Show Guide so people can learn about it. Log in to the Exhibitor Service Center to submit your booth event to be included in the 2019 Show Guide. Contact , ATA's senior manager of Trade Show, at (507) 233-8132 or beckylux@archerytrade.org if you need. Goat Hill is well known and successful because of the quality of vendors we have selected. Each vendor must display their booth with sense of design. Guests love the wow factor as they shop from booth to booth. It truly is a beautiful show. We are also known for our friendly and helpful staff and vendors. Goat Hill is a fun, unique event