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DIY Aluminum Frame Dock Building Kits. These lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum dock kits make creating your own stylish custom standing or floating dock system a breeze. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer home owner or cottage owner or whether you're a professional contractor, you can easily assemble and install each section. Each DIY dock kit includes: 1 aluminum adjustable stanchion (Consisting of 2 stanchion halves that bolt together) - Won't rust and will look and function beautifully for years to come. 2 aluminum support pipes - Heavy duty 1-1/2″ schedule 40 available in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft lengths Multinautic 4 ft. x 8 ft. Aluminum Dock Kit - Do It Yourself Aluminum FrameHardware (Decking NOT Included)Lightweight and Easy to Assemble: 96'' x 48'' x 6'

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  2. um frames. All frames are pre-drilled to accept additional lengths. Other popular 'T' or 'L' style dock configurations can easily be achieved as these are sectional frames
  3. Enjoy 15% off. on Original Dock Kits. Dock Kits (4'x10′ and 6'x10′) * Free shipping for orders over 800$. Original Dock Kits. Easily build your own boat dock on posts. Assemble in less than one hour for under $375! Hybrid Dock Kits Original Dock Kits. YouTube
  4. This video demonstrates the process of assembling a Ridgeline Kit Dock, rolling the dock in the water, along with decking the DIY Kit Dock. The actual time i..
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Materials and construction Docks built by DIYers based on plans they've purchased or drawn themselves, or even docks designed by a local builder, are usually constructed the old-fashioned way: from treated wood with galvanized screws, bolts and nuts. Aluminum (for legs and framework) and synthetics, such as plastic (for decking material), are the standards in kit docks offered by most. Alumidock. Alumidock®, a division of Metallic Ladder Corporation has been making quality aluminum dock equipment and waterfront products for over 45 years. Alumidock's manufacturing facility is located in Randolph, New York, which is situated in the southwestern portion of the state Shop for DIY Boat Dock Kits & Hardware from Tommy Docks. Tommy Docks are designed to be the highest quality, most user-friendly boat dock systems on the planet! Aluminum Dock Frame Kit. From $399.00 ALUMINUM DECKING PANEL REPLACEMENT 47 3/4 X 5 1/2. $21.95 Sold Out. Roll-In-Dock Wheel Kit. $259.95. Click to add item 4' x 40' Aluminum Roll In Dock Project Material List to the compare list. Compare. Click to add item 4' x 40' Aluminum Roll In Dock Project Material List to the compare list. Add To List. Click to add item 4' x 40' Aluminum Roll In Dock Project Material List to your list. Sku # 1763590 Aluminum decking is three to four times lighter than the most popular wood decking species, but also two to three times stronger. It can be cut with the same saws used to cut wood. Many aluminum decks have interlocking edges, making them watertight. Self draining channels can dispose of rain water easily, and keep lower deck surfaces dry

Aluminum Gangway Kits. If you need a gangway to access your floating dock Rolling Barge has 3 ways to help you out. All of our gangways are constructed with 6061 t6 Aluminum and everything is bolted together. Easy to follow instructions make assembly a snap Here's the list of DIY dock kit suppliers that was featured in the June 2012 issue of Cabin Life. If you're trying to decide whether you should build your own dock, you can read more by clicking here. Alumidock Randolph, NY (800) 532-3557 www.alumidock.com Complete aluminum dock systems, kits, parts and accessories Connect-A-Dock Inc. Atlantic, I

www.LiftsLaddersAndDocks.comSchoolcraft (Kalamazoo), Michiganhttps://www.liftsladdersanddocks.com/lift-dock-installation-removal-tools/Easy DIY dock & pier i.. This is the dock of the future-wooden docks will soon be a thing of the past! 3' x 10' Anodized-Aluminum (Stays Cool to Touch) Dock Section- $449plus 6% tax. '1x3' Underside Framework- 1 Runner Down The Length, 3 Tubes Side To Side. 4' X 10' Anodized-Aluminum (Stays Cool to Touch) Dock Section- $549 plus 6% tax LowPRO Floating Dock Sections are aluminum modular dock kits that can add to existing stationary or floating docks. Also they can build complete docks from your own design! Modular docks are personalized in every way to meet all your lakeside needs. Build a marina dock system or add fingers and boat slips to your dock

Multinautic's kits for the DIY construction of aluminum docks on piles or floating docks include everything you need to complete the assembly of structures: wood, cedar decking, floats, piles and bottom plates and bolting. Different sizes and features are available to meet your installation and accessorization needs. Aluminum dock. QP-300. QP. Aluminum frame kit for a 4' x 8' or 4' x 10' dock section. Allows the do-it-yourself dock builder to customize their dock sections with a wide variety of decking materials and colors available. The frame will accept 1 in. thick decking boards of your choice by sliding the individual deck boards into the decking slot on the frame. then attach the end caps with the stainless steel hardware.

Dock Floats, Hardware & Building Components. BARR's market-leading dock products = your quality dock. Our Dock Building Components division will not only give you insight into our floats, hardware, ladders, decking and dock kits; you'll find marine equipment like buoys, dock boxes and pontoons as well! Product Catalog. Photo Gallery About. Contact | 800-532-3557. Cart. Floating Docks. $1,166.00-2,825.00 Per Section. Our floating aluminum marine dock systems are lightweight, stable, and easily assembled with simple fasteners. Multiple sizes and widths are available for you to choose from. Floating docks are versatile, portable and are perfectly suited for a number of marine. Aluminum Dock Frame Kit. Everything included to Assemble a 4' x 10' Aluminum Dock Frame. Sleek design is made with a strong tempered alloy. Lightweight and Durable; each section weighs less than 200lbs and carries a Full 15 year Warranty. Can be built as Stationary, Roll In or Floating The floating dock kits include a welded, all-aluminum tubular frame with channel cross-bracing. Each modular 4' x 8' section comes with 2 InsulBead Floats to keep your walkway and dock high and dry. Choose to apply your own decking, or we can ship with our TimberTech decking already affixed Tommy Docks has great do-it-yourself durable modular designs with the flexibility to expand on in the future. Tommy Docks 4 ft. x 20 ft. Straight Aluminum Frame Roll-In-Dock with Removable Cedar Decking is a complete dock package that was designed with our customer in mind. This great all in one kit is constructed from high-quality cedar and.

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DiY KIT DOCKS Ideal for the lakeshore owner who can pick it up and put it together in the same day. Our modular dock design allows you to add-on and reconfigure with ease. It's a surefire way to get you on the water quickly. Bolt it together and roll it in! Explore Options About. Contact | 800-532-3557. Cart. Floating Docks. $1,166.00-2,825.00 Per Section. Our floating aluminum marine dock systems are lightweight, stable, and easily assembled with simple fasteners. Multiple sizes and widths are available for you to choose from. Floating docks are versatile, portable and are perfectly suited for a number of marine. Below you will find standard ALL ALUMINUM pipe in 3 variations: First, we have our 2 OD with .90 wall thickness which is our most common cut and works in almost every situation.Second, we have our 2 OD with .120 wall thickness which we refer to as our HD option, designed for depths over 5ft.Finally, we offer our Heavy-Duty option at 2-3/8 OD with.208 wall thickness, these ultra-strong. Check out our DIY boat dock instructions and make it happen. Jan 22, 2015 - Have you always wanted to build your own boat dock? Check out our DIY boat dock instructions and make it happen. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch.

Dock Builders Supply, The Complete Marine Construction Warehouse, Your discount source for floating dock supplies, pile caps, pile wrap, fish cleaning stations, coatings, cleats, ladders, rub rails, hardware, tools and much more. Call us at 1-800-677-4710 today Try your hands on this DIY turtle dock, it's way cheap and is of high quality. Use a freezer basket with a reasonable size, cut into two. Get a very thick aluminum foil and then perforate the two corners to enable the zip ties to firmly hold it so that it slants for the turtles to move on it freely Interlocking Aluminum Dock Decking Panels. Our aluminum decking for docks is well suited for custom-made docks, dock additions, platforms and ramps. Its interlocking design allows quick assembly and prevents the passage of water, making it ideal for second level observation decks and patios

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Aluminum decking from ShoreMaster is also incredibly lightweight while remaining extremely durable. Aluminum decking can be powder coated, painted, or anodized and color options are virtually unlimited. Most aluminum decking that is to be used on a dock system is either left plain or raw, or powder coated Alumadock Marine Structures manufactures complete or kit custom aluminum docks. Floating, fixed or cantilevered, our all aluminum dock is engineered to withstand the toughest environments. Using only college educated, AWS certified welders and advanced digital wave pulse MIG welding equipment, our aluminum dock frames have superior strength and durability Modular Aluminum Shoreline Docks. Pipe Dock Sections are 4x8ft dock kits used to add to your dock or build your own custom dock system. These shoreline docks include a pair of galvanized dock posts so you can support one end and rest the shore end on an existing dock or shoreline Do It Yourself Floating Dock Kits By Tiara Maulid July 15, 2021 Ez plastic floating docks 5 ft x 10 aluminum dock kit ez plastic floating docks playstar dock frame kit in the marine floating dock today accent The Port Side Aluminum Dock is made from a strong tempered alloy and features 12 on center C-channel frame support. Each 4' x 10' section is Lightweight and Easy to Maintain. This Ready to Assemble dock allows you to Grab & Go when combined with the Port Side Resin Dock Top. Port Side's Aluminum Dock can be installed as a Stationary.

1. Do It Yourself Boat Dock Kit Galvanized Quality Hardware. 2. Floating Dock Kits DIY Dock Kits. 3. DIY Double PWC Dock KIT Floating Boat Dock with Swim. 4. Kayak launch floating dock We might have no choice but to. 5 GRADE ALUMINUM. FORMED FRAME Standing. Dock Kits Floating. Dock Kits Swivel foot pads ALUMINUM CORNER BRACE ALUMINUM JOISTS. 16 CENTERS BOLT TOGETHER MARINE. GRADE ALUMINUM. FORMED FRAME ALUMINUM JOISTS. 16 CENTERS ALUMINUM CORNER BRACE MAINTENANCE FREE DECKING. AVAILABLE WITH ALL Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame and foam filled molded floats. Floe's rigid, heavy duty extruded aluminum frame is the backbone to the floating dock system. It provides a solid, stable base for the walking surface and is supported by foam filled, rotationally molded floats Each do-it-yourself roll-in dock wheel kit includes: 2 aluminum axle adapters (for either square posts or round) - Just slip over your existing round pipe (1.900″ max outside diameter for round pipe adapters) or square pipe (2.0″ max outside width for square pipe adapters) and tighten the set bolt Similar Items - Ridgeline DIY Aluminum Dock Kit - 32' Straight w/8' Patio - Roll in!!! - $2999 (Fargo) NEW Ridgeline Docks NEW DIY Kit dock - $3,499 (Rhinelander WI) Hello Men and Woman looking to enjoy their shore frontage with a new dock

Wood docks are also affordable to install and last for many years. The only problem is that over time, wood has a tendency to rot, warp, splinter, crack and become damaged by insects. These are problems that don't affect aluminum docks. Of course, wood is more vulnerable to water than aluminum. Wood is rather soft and easily damaged by boats. How to Use Vinegar to Clean an Aluminium Boat. Dilute your vinegar with water. You want a 50/50 ratio of vinegar and water. For best results, use distilled water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and give your boat a good spray. Let the mixture sit on the boat for a minute before wiping it away with a towel Before building a floating dock, it is essential to consider how it will be used since not all floating docks are accessed as a floating platform or walkway. So while it is possible to build a floating dock at your waterfront property, it is far more practical to determine the ideal construction plan first and weigh your options until you work into the final project

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The PolyDock DIY Plankway Ramp Kit is an affordable, and easy-to-assemble ramp kit for your PolyDock modular floating dock system. This DIY dock ramp kit allows you to build an affordable dock ramp in nearly any desired length. Simply supply your own 2 x 12 lumber in your desired ramp length and fasten it to the aluminum Plankway ramp brackets. Plus, our welded aluminum construction and QC frame system provide the fastest, easiest installation and removal. And standard on all Infinity Dock Systems are features like 5-Sided Dock Legs, QuickConnect Accessories, recessed, removable deck panels, 9 premium decking options, and more Our Dock Hardware section offers a wide range of freestanding and floating boat dock hardware. From dock brackets, crossarm clamps, marine decking, dock augers, post base pads, stringer brackets and supporting hardware. If you do not find what you need, please feel free to contact us at 866.942.6349. Filter X. Your Selection. Item Type. Part Type

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Stationary docks need to be adjusted for installation depth. Floating docks include premium 12″ floats but do not include anchoring systems (pilings, cables, or anchors). INSTALLATION: Mod-U-Dock modular docks are designed to be easy to install and DIY friendly. Installation by section makes assembly easy for seasonal docks or permanent. Everything included to assemble one 4' x 10' aluminum dock frame. Sleek design is made with a strong Tempered alloy. Lightweight and durable each section weight less than 200lbs. Connect multiple dock sections in various configurations to create your own stationary, roll in or floating dock The most economical of our covered boat docks, the gable roof boat dock receives the same attention to detail as all our other docks. With stainless steel hardware, 8-inch heavy-weight framing, 26-gauge commercial high-rib roof metal, and a 30-year color retention warranty, it has you covered for a lifetime of adventures Flotation Systems aluminum piers and docks offer long life and safe, solid construction. Everything you want in a boat dock. Join our thousands of satisfied customers who, like us, believe that aluminum is the only choice for top-quality dock construction. Design. Quality dock design is the product of skill, experience, and the commitment to. Menards® has everything you need to build or maintain your dock with ease! For your convenience, we offer dock projects that have all of the components you need to assemble a brand-new dock! You can choose between stationary docks, floating docks, and roll-in docks, and once you finish your dock project, you can even add some quality dock accessories to fit your needs

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Our DIY Instructions are available for standard wood floating docks that can be used for swim platforms, jet skis, kayaks, boats, other PWC and more. Call us at 1-888-219-0112 today and we can assist you in planning your floating dock project and customizing your dock with a great selection of dock accessories - dock bumper, piling caps, dock. Why spend your hard-earned money on a complete aluminum dock. When with a trip to the local lumber yard you can save yourself a bundle of cash, By building a (Do It Yourself) boat dock. The complete boat dock building instructions are in the pictures Portable aluminum stairs for waterfront access, including beach stairs, waterfront stairs, outdoor stairs, cliff stairs, river stairs. These pre-manufactured, bolt-together stair systems are in-stock and readily available in lengths up to 18'. We can ship all sizes of our portable aluminum stairs Lightweight aluminum, wall-mounted kayak storage rack. Dock storage rack for canoes, kayaks, paddleboards & other crafts. Additional arms for our residential & commercial storage racks. Adjustable feet (pair) for freestanding residential storage racks. Adjustable length (10-48) bungees for securing your paddle craft 28-34H Aluminum 4-Step Marine Stair by Patriot Docks®. Aluminum shoreline and dock stairs make lake access easy and safe. The stairs feature extra wide and extra deep non-slip steps that measure 24 wide by 5.5 deep. The 7 rise is a..

Boat Docks - (2) 20' Beach King roll-in aluminum docks. $6,250 (eau > Lake Altoona) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1,000. favorite this post Aluminum Leg Docks. Series I Outside Leg Docks. Series I Inside Leg Docks. Series II Heavy Duty Leg Dock. Patio Docks. Dock Kit Assembly. Specifications and Pricing. Wheel Docks. Instant Decks & Benches The Aluminum-framed docks are available with 4 different deck sizes (10x8, 12x10, 16x10, 20x10) and 2 walkway length options (10 or 20-foot). If you are unsure about the walkway length, we always recommend going longer. Click on an image for a larger view. Start Building Your Aluminum-framed Floating Docks. Starting at $5,929.00 Diy Floating Dock Anchor. #1 know the different types of anchor docks. (keep in mind that the floating dock is being built upside down at this point). Source : www.pinterest.com 1/2″ x 3″ galvanized carriage bolts, nuts and lock washers. A car or truck tire. 15 Pontoon Boat Accessories Customize With Pontoon A dock like [ Modular aluminium dock system. Multinautic's kits for the DIY construction of aluminum docks on piles or floating docks include everything you need to complete the assembly of structures: wood, cedar decking, floats, piles and bottom plates and bolting. Different sizes and features are available to meet your installation and accessorization.

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Aluminum Roll in Docks, Sectional Docks and Floating Docks FLOE. FLOE Docks Fl0e@dmin2017 June 30, 2017 March 23, 2021. website builder. FLOE offers three styles of aluminum docks to meet your shoreline needs. Because the characteristics of one shoreline to the next can have so much variance, a one size fits all approach to docks just. Hybrid Dock Kits. Double Hybrid kit 4′ x 8′ - Heavy Duty Aluminum (alloy 6005/6061) TIG welded - Aluminum hardware (connector, foot pad, side bracket) - Galvanized steel posts 1-11/16″ diameter - Protective post cap - Stainless steel nuts and bolts (304) Meets ANSI B18.2.1 Specifications

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Step 2: STEP 2: Placing Dock Floats on Frame for Wood Floating Dock. (Keep in mind that the floating dock is being built upside down at this point). Place support boards (2x6x 10') for floats on top of frame (flat) so that the floats will have a left edge, center and right edge support for mounting Lowe - 2016 deck boats - aluminum fishing speedboat, Lowe was founded in 1971 to build high value aluminum boats and canoes to fit a family's boating needs. since then, lowe has created generations of family memories. Chapter Diy boat dock May (4 Discount Dock Supply is Military Veteran Owned! Some of our most popular selling items are standard and residential dock hardware, steel truss frames, custom residential boat docks, commercial docks and of course Eagle Floats™. Featured Product. With any quality structure a solid foundation is a must TS Dock & Lift is a dealership for new and used docks and lifts in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. We install, remove, repair, and provide other services to our customers as well. Detroit Lakes Location. 218-844-3033; 1682 U.S. Highway #10 East Detroit Lakes, MN 56501; Pelican Lake Location

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Note: A complete DIY dock is made of treated wood that is secured with galvanized screws, nuts, and bolts. On the other hand, a DIY dock kit has an aluminum framework with plastic as the decking material. Measure the Water's Depth. Now that you have all the materials, it's time to measure the depth of the lake At Alumi-Span Docks, we've got years of experience and can help you learn how to build a boat dock using our materials and high quality parts. Before starting a DIY boat dock project, consider: Lake beds and depth - The configuration of the lake's bottom combined with the shore layout will determine if you really need a professional's.

When to Build a DIY Dock and When to Hire the Pros. If you have some handyman skills, you might be able to build your own dock if it's a smaller floating dock. (See our guide to DIY boat docks here.) Building a boat dock isn't always an easy process, especially if you have no experience Lightweight, Easy to Install, Superior Stability. The FWM Stationary Dock is a great choice for almost any waterfront, especially depths of 10 feet or less. Known for its outstanding stability, it features aluminum legs and pole pads and stainless-steel hardware. Leg Pad MANUFACTURED IN NEW HAMPSHIRE & MINNESOTA. Our NH foundry, Patriot Foundry & Castings, and MN foundry, Ermak Foundry & Machining manufactures RDS dock hardware and dock frames. We use marine-grade 535 aluminum alloy in our dock components, allowing us to over-engineer our dock products while still providing less expensive solutions—giving you the best price/performance solution on the market Designed and built to provide superior coverage and protection, our aluminum boat dock covers are custom-fitted to your dock. Our covers offer the boating industry the most versatile system with the easiest installation. SlipSki Boat Slip Covers allow you to tuck your watercraft completely underneath the frame, away from the harsh sun and wind

On The Water Designs builds and installs docks and marine systems throughout Ontario, Canada. Our commitment to client satisfaction and innovative aluminum dock, dock floats for sale, floating docks design have made us a leader in the dock manufacturing and installation industry If you would like a freight quote prior to placing an online order, please call us at 1-800-677-4710. 8' x 16' Canoe / Kayak Dock. (For use with Pressure Treated 2x8 Framing and 2x6 Decking) Item #. Description Usually available in factory made, pre-fabricated pieces that require only a final assembling, aluminum docks often come with a salt-resistant surface coating that also deflects heat. Because of their light weight and the ease with which they can be moved in and out of water, aluminum docks are widely used for making floating docks DIY Dock Kits barrplastics.com 1.800.665.4499 Aluminum Frame Dock Kits These lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum dock kits make creating your own stylish custom standing or floating dock system a breeze. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer home owner o

As another low-maintenance decking option, aluminum is often the material of choice for dock owners who want versatility. Aluminum can be left plain or powder coated. The coating options are long-lasting and some can even get the aluminum decking to resemble wood. Pros: As with PVC, aluminum decking won't decay. As an added bonus, aluminum. Diy Boat Docks / Dock Plans and DIY Parts - Boat Docks in 2020 | Boat dock, Dock, How to plan - Collection by gregory dean • last updated 6 weeks ago.. 3'x20′ finger dock plan (boat slip/marina docks) floating dock plan for long narrow sections that connect to a main dock.Building a wooden boat, building a wooden boat stuart anderson The final dock will also be significantly lighter. Most aluminum dock frames are designed to work with custom dock floats (usually sold by the dock frame manufacturer), however there is at least one manufacture that has designed an aluminum frame dock kit that can work with the 55 gallon polyethylene plastic drums

Bolt to Dock or Free Standing Adjustable Depth Boarding Steps by PMI. 3 Step adjusts 22 to 30 $485*. 4 Step adjusts 33 to 39 $565*. 5 Step adjusts 40 to 46 $645*. 6 Step adjusts 47 to 52 $725*. * mounts to dock. Back legs for free standing application. 3 Step $45 An aluminum pier is a lifetime investment. Why shouldn't it be the best when the best is affordable? No other boat dock offers the convenience, versatility, beauty, durability, and sheer fun as a Pier of d'Nort docks - at any price! Consider these features: One person installation and removal - guaranteed! Folding legs for compact storag Patriot Docks modular dock frames utilize custom aluminum profiles and professional engineering, to create a very strong yet lightweight dock design that is simple and easy to assemble. The 4'x8′ frames bolt together which allows for exceptional versatility and customization. Full 12″ high truss work allows for more land on the support. Buy dock ladders, boat dock bumpers, boat ladders, mooring whips and more online. Choose from a wide selection of dock bumpers, boat dock ladders, dock accessories and supplies at the best prices

Ravens aluminum dock ladders are made from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum pipe which are impervious to salt or fresh water applications. From standard to special we cover it all at an affordable price. Order 1 ladder or 100, each one is made with the same quality and durability that Ravens Marine is known for. Ladder Images Diy floating dock ramp: progress thread. Image result for boat dock deck board designs | outdoor. diy covered boat dock The clean lines of our hip roof covered boat docks add stunning design to your shoreline, placing you and your watercraft stylishly under the sun and stars. every detail reveals our legendary design excellence.. Quick summary. 2. 3. Patriot Docks line of manual lifts is the answer to your shoreline needs. No more cables to break. . View More... Patriot Docks modular dock frames utilize custom aluminum profiles and professional engineering, to . View More... Patriot Docks offers a full line of accessories to compliment the dock and to customize the pier to Our industry-leading aluminum docks are easy to install, extraordinarily durable and practically maintenance free. They feature a lightweight, modular frame design that makes it easy for you to create your own custom dock in any layout or configuration you choose

Simply launch and go! An excellent alternative to traditional docking and boat lifts to keep your watercraft safely stored on shore. Roll-n-Go offers systems that are durable, rust-resistant, adjustable and easy to assemble. From sailboats to large pontoons, there is a model that will handle your boat for an easy roll in and out of the water BoardSafe was contracted to build and install the floating docks, gangways, and ADA boat launch, for handicapped access to the 117-acre lake. BoardSafe was selected due to their reputation as a high-end dock builder and their proximity to the lake. They also specialize in ADA commercial aluminum floating docks, boat launches, and fishing piers There are various models, each comprised of hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel parts. All bracing, brackets and fasteners are included with each model and accessory kit. PWC docking kits (jet ski lifts), boat docking kits, pontoon docking kits - ShoreDocker kits are the perfect way to dock your watercraft on shore Multinautic QP-427D 1.3 m x 3.66 m (4.25 ft. x 12 ft.) Aluminum Stationary Dock Kit with Plastic Decking Accessories are not included Rated 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 reviews Add Safety to Your Docks with EZ Dock Railing Systems. Whether you have a home or business on the water, EZ Dock railings allow more users safe access to the water and give water-lovers a solid surface to hold onto out on the dock, especially in windy weather or rougher water conditions

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Pontoon Boat Kits are made to last. Our aluminum pontoons are made with type 5052 H32 , an aluminum / magnesium alloy most resistant to corrosion in fresh and sea water. The standard pontoon wall thickness is.125, minimum .100 available for small kits GutterDeck Waterproof Aluminum Decking - GutterDeck is an interlocking aluminum decking system with textured powder coat painted for durability, aesthetics and traction. Extremely lightweight and strong, very low maintenance and much cooler than traditional decking materials. See more at GutterDeck.com Labor is a large portion of the dock building costs. Many DIY kits and small, modular docks are available for $300 to $1,000, for example, while a custom-built dock costs more than $5,000. In most cases, the labor portion runs around $20 per square foot, making a 6 x 30-foot dock cost approximately $3,600 Cost: Typically, aluminum docks are pre-built by the manufacturers and may have a higher initial cost. Aluminum boat dock decking material could cost upwards of $10 dollars per square foot. As a result, it is typically one of the more expensive materials you can choose for your dock Kayak rack canoe rack - :: diy dock & pier company, Features of the diy dock kayak & canoe rack. securely holds 2 kayaks or canoes; low-profile design minimizes obstruction of view; heavy-gauge aluminum construction. Free diy plans - palmetto kayak fishing, Free downloads. diy kayak camera pole - for around $15, anyone can easily build this.